Will gardening be expanded anytime soon

I would like to know if you plan to introduce a less obtrusive friend request and invite system… Currently when you add or inv someone it pops up and disrupts what ever your doing. When you are trying to grind, stream, or host an event… Or when you get a super rare Ganda… You get spammed with invites and new wanna be friends. Worst part is when you accidentally click join and get sucked away from your grind into that random ST…

Will gardening be expanded anytime soon? I’d love some more biome specific flowers the Neon City and other various biomes where unique grasses exist but we can’t make…. also going to keep asking till I hear something on it CAN WE GET TREE SAPLINGS? It is a huge pain the booty to make a tree from scratch and while I would still do that for massive trees sometimes I just want a few tiny/medium sized trees automatically grow over time from saplings please please please with sugar on top.


Will we get more varied “cursed” worlds? We have a complete lava world could we get a complete permafrost world so we have a hot hell and frozen hell? It also makes me sad that Neon City/Desert/Candoria and the new Jurassic jungles are still not included with the “cursed” worlds

also a bug: will swamp jungle ever get meteorite shards or are you just going to keep those in canopy? and don’t you think it would be better if we could actually just mine a meteorite shard from ingame ores kind of like how we do glacial shards and primordial flames?

Okay and this is something I have been wondering… Can we get some type of wallet for certain things? like Flux/Glim ? That way we don’t have to have physical Flux or Glim and we can still trade with it in trade posts and still buy it in Marketplace? The Megaflux system is just weird to me… and Glim is slowly taking up more and more of my space to the point where I just buy treasure isle recipes to turn them into blank papers a Wallet system for Flux and Glim is very much needed.

In accordance to the lack of content in Trove, are there any plans for team/faction/guild cooperation Trove gameplay? To gather players together and give them a more stable purpose to work together to fight against other players rather than just grinding out at adventure world? (This doesn’t need to be immediately answered in the livestream, but could you take a look at this thread and think about this?)

Currently, some people camp the chest and scoop up everything that is placed within. People who place those items, for the most part, intend for them to go out to the community rather than just one person. So, if a limit were placed, either on items that you can take out, or a time duration until you can loot the next item, then it would help other people get a share of what is being offered.


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