What does this mean for Trove as a free game

Why make changes? At the end of the day this is a big piece of the engine that keeps Trove going. We’ve been live long enough and collected enough data that we can start making some changes. The core word which I expect us to be held to here is value. No matter what you are spending on the game – time or money, we need to give you value and respect that investment. That never changes.

The other core idea is that this isn’t where we focus our energy as developers. Our primary goal as game developers is to make a great game. We want to align the business of Trove with the game of Trove as much as possible. Some of you guys here on the forums even called us out this month on how our focus seemed to be trending towards the Chaos Chest rewards and not gameplay focused rewards. That’s a case where the balance has been getting away from us, and we want to make sure we are doing the most we can to both support Trove as a game and a business in a way that is aligned, not at odds.

We want to spend more time on making our classes really amazing and have deeper progression and powers. As a result, we’ve turned down the rate at which we put out new classes (a relatively significant source of revenue for us). This is a change that we’re making since we think it will make a better game. However, it also necessitates making a change to how we provide classes through the store.

This change is going to help us continue to make the investment in our existing classes without feeling a need to roll out new classes at a rapid pace (not to say that we won’t make more, just that it will be significantly slower). Keep in mind too that there are still ways to unlock additional classes beyond your first, including an additional class coin we’re going to give to anyone who supports at any amount, through mastery, and the one you can earn through being referred.

Patron is a great ongoing way for us to give you guys value and you guys to support the game. Going forward we’re going to rely on it more. Add more value to it and probably even require it to access some systems or features. We’re also going to start promoting it more on the HUD and the in-game store. We’ve opted to build up Patron since it’s already quite valuable and something that is being used by most if not all of our supporters. In addition, it’s available to our free players through tradable items.

What does this mean for Trove as a free game. Obviously we have a lot of players who add a lot of value to our game simply by being a part of our community. As above, our goal is to align our value. We want to spend the most time possible making the game as good as we can. We expect the adjustments to monetization will get us to a better place for both you as supporters and players of the game and for us as developers. I also want to thank everyone again here for your support in both time, money, and everything else you do. I know these are some big changes and I’ll be in and out of this thread for the rest of the day answering any questions as I can, so feel free to fire away.

In general this means that we can spend a lot of our time making the classes really shine, and the more value we add to the classes the more encouragement there is to collect and play all of them, which also drives the business of Trove. If we kept them as free to acquire, even at a high cost, we’d have development pressure to keep putting out new classes fast enough to make sure there was still demand for each release.

More focus on patron stuff, more expensive cubit items so it takes even longer than the current time to unlock everything (which is already insane), and removing cubit purchases for classes. Two steps forward, one step backwards off a cliff. This a shot to the face to any free player out there, trying to get 12+ classes coins as a new player will be nigh impossible. Getting classes was not an easy thing to do any way, getting a single one takes more than an a week and almost two.

More patron focus for players is a touchy subject, if you start given us even more exclusive stuff than regular players it will create a gap, something you don’t want in an MMO. Moderation is key, but if this turns out to be “U7+ exclusive to patrons” that will leave a sour taste in my mouth. Be careful at what you hand out because it might cause more harm than good.

I understand that you need to earn money but this just seems like a terrible idea overall. I feel like you have not really learned much by the Chaos Chest backlash. Now it seems like everything is going for the paid focus instead of actual gameplay. Sure I might be able to spend cubits on a few styles now but everything else will take longer or I need to buy it. I just really don’t understand how this is a good thing.

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