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Console Updates & Trove’s Next Expansion

Trion announced updates for PS4 and Xbox One including details on the official launch for consoles and the next big expansion for Trove that includes Shadow Tower updates, power rank updates, and ringcrafting updates!

Just to tell you guys the game is not going to be a new game the game is just going to get out of beta version and all the updates will happen you will keep all of your stuff and nothing will change the game will just get a lot of updates and the game will get out of beta and go into full game mode!

they need to improve or fix the gem system to be honest. i think they are abusing the cash shop because gems fail and break to much. I dont like to much how gear in a sense doesnt matter because most of your power rank comes from gems and gems seem to be extremely random...

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‘Trove’ Developers Detail the Voxel Game’s First Expansion ‘Mantle of Power’

An increased level cap, a new Gem System, additional Uber worlds, and much more are coming to the voxel game Trove. The adventure title from Trion Worlds is welcoming its first expansion later this month giving players a new way to play the MMO. Classes will be able to level past 20 all the way up to 30 while unlocking new Gem slots and abilities.

Each class in Trove can unlock new abilities when Mantle of Power releases by utilizing the new Gem System coming to the game. Empowered Gems unlock modifications to a character’s abilities. For example, a Shadow Hunter’s Empowered Gem is “Shadow Blitz” which lets the character’s basic attack constantly shoot arrows while pressed. When used on a marked enemy, this attack will emit area damage according to the official site...

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Update 2 – Emergency Maintenance – 12/21/2015

Update 2 – 1:55 PM PST / 9:55 PM GMT – We’ve made some additional changes and are bringing servers back online for testing. Once we’re confident that things are running smoothly, we’ll allow players in. However, to avoid unexpected issues, we will have a low population cap set, at first, so you will see queues. They won’t last very long, but we will hold them in place while we confirm the servers are running smoothly.

[UPDATE – 1:15 PM PT / 21:15 GMT]
The team has made the decision to bring the servers down once again in order to address the “Entering World: 0%” error that many users have been running into. Work continues, and we have no estimated time for when Trove will be back online.

Greetings, folks.

We’re bringing the servers down to address some instability that started in the last ...

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