Update 2 – Emergency Maintenance – 12/21/2015

Update 2 – 1:55 PM PST / 9:55 PM GMT – We’ve made some additional changes and are bringing servers back online for testing. Once we’re confident that things are running smoothly, we’ll allow players in. However, to avoid unexpected issues, we will have a low population cap set, at first, so you will see queues. They won’t last very long, but we will hold them in place while we confirm the servers are running smoothly.

[UPDATE – 1:15 PM PT / 21:15 GMT]
The team has made the decision to bring the servers down once again in order to address the “Entering World: 0%” error that many users have been running into. Work continues, and we have no estimated time for when Trove will be back online.

Greetings, folks.

We’re bringing the servers down to address some instability that started in the last hour and recvently got significantly worse. We’ll keep you updated with our progress as we troubleshoot the problem and get things back into working order. Please check this first post for updates.

It is likely the downtime will be 1.5-2 hours.

[UPDATE – 1:00 PM PT / 21:00 GMT]
The servers are open, but we’re looking into issues where players are not able to zone into various types of worlds. The team continues to monitor the situation, for now.

[UPDATE – 11:30 AM PT / 19:30 GMT]
The work is taking much longer than expected, and we’re extending our downtime by another hour. We apologize for this additional delay, and thank you for your patience!

[UPDATE – 10:15 AM PT / 18:15 GMT]
The servers are currently up, however we are still diagnosing some issues, and have therefore set an artificially low cap on the number of players we allow in the game at this time. As such there will be a queue for the time being. We are working to rectify this issue asap.

[UPDATE – 10:30 AM PT / 18:30 GMT]
We will be bringing the servers down again in 5 minutes to perform additional maintenance in order to ensure that logins are working correctly. We estimate this work will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Thank you for your patience.

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