This is why people quit Trove. There seriously needs to be greater rewards for skill and perseverance instead of making it mostly rng. The way Trove is now, it is just a glorified slot machine. DDE’s shouldn’t be a guaranteed drop, but there needs to be alternate ways to achieve better stuff than completely relying on rng.

Same as me man, i just log in for st and that’s it, trion basically loves grabbing money, i mean even if you look at the game atlast they made, the Atlas Reactor Trust Edition pack cost around 99USD i would pretty much buy other games than spending any money on bloody trion world, even the maniac pack in trove cost 99 bucks ffs.

I have to agree with ya bud. I’m a relatively mid end game player but I don’t have the means to grind up for the DDE that I got… it really only feels like a waste of an inventory slot.

You know u cant get a class gem from empowered gem boxes right? You have to get the class gem from them and then go in everdark in u8 or u9 en use class gem key on chest with the class you want the gem for scythe explained it in a video.

you say that you didn´t get a single diamond egg till now, but you already made a vid where you destroyed one, cause you didn´t film it when you got it, so you should at least not complain that much since there are still ppl out there like me who legit haven´t got one.

As far as we’re aware the shards will be given out based on PR. In other words they are moving towards rewarding older players. Put down your pitchforks guys. Also 100k isn’t hard to get even for new players. They just don’t know how to. Typically sell adventure boxes and so dragon challenges a few times a day and you’ll have 100k in about a week.

I got the diamond dragon egg when I was pretty new (around 40-50 mastery) and it sat in my storage for the longest time while i was grinding up 400 dragon eggs to get it. Although there are 3 dragons, I don’t think the devs should increase the chance of getting one of these. It leaves the dragons something to be desired and if they increase the chance of one dropping then a lot more people will get it and it won’t be nearly as rare and sought after. That’s like increasing the chances of a knife dropping from a case in CS:GO. You have ~1:450 chance to get a knife and people have spent thousands of dollars opening crates to get a knife. Imagine how upset people would be if suddenly everyone had a knife and it was no longer something rare to get. Same would happen in trove if they increased the chance of opening a diamond dragon egg or Ganda.


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