Trove’s pay to win update is coming

People could already do that with this magical technique called “buying accounts”. Why do you care if some stranger has the same PR as you when he paid for it? He is the one letting Trion keep the game running, you are just a freeloader and his PR has zero impact on you except for maybe contests (though reaching the top 250 is hopeless right now anyways because of people with insane 22k+ PR and max mastery points).

Lemme explain this. Pre-Trove has never been pay to win. Every thing except things that just change how you look ( there are very few exceptions) has been free to earn. And now that players who want to pay for better items makes Trove pay to win, according to scythe. Then he says that the game is difficult to play without these things and patron. However, me playing the game and only buying cosmetic items, make the game difficult for me? No. I managed to get 5k-10k PR in less than a month. This game is not pay to win, and this certainly doesn’t seem to be the case for the future of Trove in my opinion.

I’ve been playing Trove a couple hours a day for the past 2 months and have gone up from 10k to 18k PR and from 200 to 284 mastery in this time. It’s only a matter of weeks before I’m >19k PR and 300 mastery. Money is NOT needed to reach 20k, it only speeds things up.

From starting this game in 2015 I thought this game was simply amazing still to this day but the fact that someone can just pay their way past me being mostly a free to play player its just too much to keep up with they really need to tone this down or just get rid of the fact that you can boost yourself up way past when you should just be experiencing the game for what it is.

Sell Trove to another company that actually cares for their playerbase rather than their wallets. I really wanted to come back and play, but this kind of stuff happening just turns me off. I remember way way back when Trove was so simple, the best class was the Fae, having Radiant meant you were a bawss.

i just started to play trove and just found tgis channel and have no clue what this means im a mastery level 15 and player level 17 power rank 500 somthing and have no clue what this does so affect me beause im free to play. is most of this late game or mid game.


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