Trove’s Extra Life Pack Available On Steam

As per usual, Trion has been reaching to players for they annual money raising campaign towards the ExtraLife cause, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program, with this years goal being $100,000+ raised. Other active participants in this program include Humble Bundle, and ROOSTER TEETH (RWBY).

To this end, they will also be making use of the Steam platform to reach a larger audience and sell the Extra Life pack, a bundle that includes the following items:

  • 1 Lunar Lancer costume
  • 8 Allies – Griffon, Corgi, Panda, Tree Frog, Dragonfly, Paper Crane, and more!
  • 4 Mounts – Platypus, Guinness, Rowdy (Fasti’s Bulldog), and Centaur
  • 12 Equipment Styles – 5 helmet styles, 3 hat styles, 1 mask style, 2 spear styles, 1 pistol style
  • 2 Dragon Eggs – Use your Dragon Souls to unlock Yorinn the Dusk Shadow and Erel the Ironbolt!

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