Trove: would have to add A LOT of stuff to the ToW table to make flux attractive


Personally I do hope you can still trade the loot inside the chaos chests, it definitely doesn’t make sense if it screws you over for already owning an item since it makes it much harder to get just that newer item if you can’t recoup the costs and get poor RNG. There are more questions on how it works out, but while people can be bummed out at having another thing non-tradeable, I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad, especially compared to some other stuff.

Lets not forget that being able to buy credits means you can still buy chaos chests ontop of gem booster boxes, boosters including ninth lives (albeit they’re expensive), and finally anything that is more limited. I’m not sure if I heard that you’ll be able to buy packs this way, possibly not which is kind of lame, but meh.

For what it’s worth we’ll be taking the same approach to chaos chest mounts, the old ones will be tradable and new ones won’t be. However the non-tradable ones will break down into ‘chaos cores’ which are used for crafting everything and will be valuable in their own right (for example, the new costumes will be crafted only and require cores).

Awesome, I always thought it was odd that you couldn’t do this before since the pack comes from someone’s wallet either way. Personally I bought the gem fanatic pack with money then the maniac edition for 4 million flux in a risky trade (that they did deliver on), but there’s been other packs I have missed out on since I like to mix what I want to buy and what I want to farm from others.

They would have to add A LOT of stuff to the ToW table to make Trove Flux attractive. That will be the literal last vestige of flux being worth anything. New players won’t be able to dump hundreds of thousands of flux into ToW, so only the most end game players will be using it. Credits will become MASSIVELY overpriced since they will be the only thing worth buying. (Think Patron but 10 times worse since players can no longer buy mounts/allies and instead have to buy credits to have a chance at dropping them from chaos chests).

h8 to say it but they have been pretty consistent with making changes that are severely unpopular to players. an open player economy threatens their money somehow (how idk but im sure it all comes back to their greed in some way or another). Expect to see more of these kinds of moves folks. also , expect that most if not all loot from ccs will in turn , also be non-tradeable..just watch.

I appreciate this change and I haven’t seen anyone really truly complaining. I think it was mostly a shock rather than anything else. I think that this will be an awesome profession. Though.. i’d be curious about the refer-a-friend thing… and how viable it would be with the starter classes all becoming available for free…. I guess we shall see.

Lets see how this goes. The market might shift quite a bit given pages of items are for chaos chest. More might go towrds forges but the ones for flux might turn to a battle. Nice for the classes that people want and costumes are a fun thing. Get more variety going amd class limit did kill player base some..hopefully this would help it rise.

I’d leave the daily Chaos Factor chests tradeable. They already said that they’ll have separate karma bars and any existing ones will remain tradeable through the Trove Flux for sale. Why not just let us keep trading them? I’m okay with the chests from drops being not tradeable. It could really flood things and generally devalue things.

Even though I generally just always open my daily Chaos Chests, as I like the gamble, I do like having the option to just sell them and buy the thing I want. Changing them to no trade really devalues the time and effort it takes to build up the Mastery and what not (the “Patron Points”!) to get Chaos Factor in the first place. To me this also seems like a hit to the “end game” players that have most of what they want unlocked already – especially those with (near) everything unlocked.

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