Trove – Useful Game Commands

Today we take a look at the useful game commands that you have access to while playing trove. These commands can do various things such as show addition information, player emotes and even change the graphics of the game to a secret retro mode.

Its nice I have just started play trove this week and that will be an useful commands to know for the future 🙂 and also I really want to know what is the outro music because I really like that song but can’t even remember the name of that song.

Thought I might say that in case someone might need to know. There’s also /help, which states all the commands. you can go and experiment with some of them, just don’t type /mf. (Seriously, don’t. You don’t want to know what happens. I’ll give you a hint: You have to restart your game afterward.) /1 changes your chat to Global (VERY handy for me, since I own a club with my friends and I don’t use club chat at all) /2 changes your chat to World.

I’m pretty sure the /hatpreview, /facepreview, etc. commands remove your items from your character’s look, and you need to restart your game to get them back. Pretty sure about that, but I’m not certain. If I’m wrong, someone enlighten me. 😛 Of course, there’s all the ones that he mentioned in the video as well, and a few others. Go do /help and experiment with them (some are only usable if you’re an admin, and some don’t appear to do anything).

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