Trove: The First Livestream

Explore, discover, and create in Trion’s latest passion project, Trove! Follow our devs as they take you on a journey through a limitless voxel universe and preview how your ideas will contribute to development earlier than ever before.

This game is like cubeworld but it seems a little better, thats only because Cube World is still needs to be finished because they have to add music, the story, new classes, etc.

ALL MMO’s are a rip from one another, and most of your games have things that were invented for players in illegal private wow servers. Many aspects of all games currently F2P took from the wow private server community including WoW, than later ripped by everyone else. This game is not a rip off, it’s creating a familiar type of game play with unfamiliar ideas and they are developing reaching out to players for even more ideas and things that might change the dynamics of the game. At this stage it’s all up in the air. NO COPY, just how things work.

Please don’t forget about the mage/sorceror class. Also, musical instruments would be a great addition to the game. Maybe a guitar (or lute), a piano (portable one), an ocarina (Please add the ocarina!!!), a flute, and a harp. It could have the same style as Starbound. Right click, bring up a list of playable songs, click one, and it plays automatically.

So tell me this jokes, is an RPG a ripoff of the first-ever RPG because it didn’t come first? No it isn’t, and neither is this a ripoff of Minecraft or any other similar game. The end.

oh my god this game is so freakin awesome looking i just cant seem to find out how i get in it or install it but still i may just wait until i can get the money to get a supporter if i had enough i would buy the highest one there is to help support.

Tbh the explanation of the difference with CW wasn’t really clear,In my opinion it’s the same thing with different models but this one has the advantage that has a team working on it and will be faster updating than Cw,altho I like the idea of “taking something you made and carry it to another world”.

The game looks really great! One thing you might think about is getting a more advanced combat systems with block or/and dodge. Additionaly, it would be greatif the enviroment would slowly regrow after you destroy it with bombs, so that you don´t get this ugly destroyed unrealistic landscape.

Everybody stop saying “it’s a copy of cubeworld”. all sandbox types of games look the same, but its the expirience that make them different. I think i’ll become a awesome game and im waiting for my beta key thingy.

no matter how much it pains me to admit, has been flopping yes. Granted there have been a couple updates recently. Trove looks very nice and interesting, though the game as it is now makes it seem like though you can have many many user generated content, what is stopping other users from copying yours.

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