Trove Suggestion:You have streamer giveaways, how about club giveaways?

Twitch System:

Streamers gain popularity then apply to receive balefire wing codes then do giveaways for their viewers.

Club System:

Clubs that receive x number of hearts and/or have x number of members can apply for these codes to give away to members.

Not everyone is a streamer nor a stream watcher, but everyone is a Trovian. There are great clubs out there with great members and it would be nice to reward them for making a club a great club. This will encourage more people to join, be active, and be helpful in clubs.

For this example, I will use the robo raptor as an example. I will also use random numbers as filler.

How it could work
A club leader will apply for robo raptor mounts. When/if accepted, the club founder will receive 5 robo raptor mounts.
Members who win the robo raptor will receive it instantly as a non-tradeable item. Those who already have it cannot be selected again.
Much like a heart-a-phone, the leader will go through the club roster and check a box next to the winner’s name and hit “accept.”

How do you choose who wins?
How members win these robo raptors is entirely up to the club leader. Here are some examples:
Club mini games such as mount races, soccer/football, ship races, mazes, gliding races, and more.
PVP arenas
Club leaders can simply award a player as “member of the week” for being a great member.
Taking it to the forums and having a fan art competition
Having a building competition in the club world

There are so many ways club members can play Trove together and this could be a great way to bring clubs closer together and make the club experience even better.

club leader give club member good stuff

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