Trove Suggestion – Paladin class

The paladin is a holy knight, crusading in the name of good and order, and is a divine spell caster.

paladin’s are a hybrid sorta melee/spellcaster class even a healer.
I will focus the classic paladin melee/healer.

Skill’s should be somthing like this

LMB: Slash- slash your sword at foe’s

RMB: Shield bash – bash your foe’s in the face, knocking them back and stunning them for a few seconds (AOE) up to 3 targets

1: Healing touch – heal yourself and friendly’s around you. AOE

ULT: Tank test : Increases your Max health, Stability and Gain Agro of all enemies around for 10 seconds, at the cost of becoming slower and dealing less damage.
Lets talk about these skills

Slash is a basic melee attack, But will be very slow due to his huge sword. The MELEE damage and speed can be increased with stats.

Shield bash is a AOE knock back skill knocking enemies back stunning them for 3 seconds is also and AOE skill up to 3 targets, Shield bash will drain energy 50-75% of your energy.

Healing touch is a healing skill that will heal you and friendly’s for a certain percentage, this percentage will be determined with Magic damage, the MORE MAGIC DAMAGE you have the more you can heal for, down sides to the skill is that it uses energy. The Healing effectiveness is less the farther away you are from the paladin. Healing touch will drain energy depending on how long you hold the button down for YOU also will not be able to MOVE.

Tank test is a crowd control skill. This skill will drain all of your energy, You gain More MAX HEALTH, MORE stability and gain Agro of enemies around you for 10 seconds, you will become A LOT slower and you will deal less damage while in tank test. The maximum agro you can hold is 5 enemies.

THE PICTURE IS NOT MINE, Thank you for your time

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