Trove: ready to have a bunch of lower level players getting fast fire dragons

The problem with that though is that is client side lag. I’m sure people with monster computers lagged a lot less than people who were on potatoes. This situation is different because the data is world changing and must be rendered server side and affects the actual world physics for all players. It’s not nearly as easy to fix as settings that just dumb down visual effects.


We are about ready to have a bunch of lower level players getting fast fire dragons (you know they are all gonna want the red one first) and we are back to the early days of challenges with people crashing non stop. This is a major concern that needs to be addressed. I’m hoping Trion isn’t just crossing their fingers and hoping that it doesn’t play out that way. I’ve seen situations like that before where the engineers are all saying, “you can’t do this” and the execs are saying, “this will make us money, you want a paycheck right?”. Then it plays out just like the engineers said and they end up getting the heat for it.

Well it would take me 200 days to get them by using the extremely casual method of logging on for 5 minutes per day but I don’t do that. If I add the u9 dragon pouches into the mix, it would be faster, but my main concern is the rarity and how the market handles it.

What does crashing have to do with anything? People don’t just crash over a few projectiles, that’s completely down to the code being poorly designed. The servers performing poorly is also their own fault through the Trove Flux for sale. I find it hard to sympathise with any issues if they think that forcing a sh to register a crapload of hits is fine. Your opinion also has no weight on it’s impact on the game, people who get DDEs slower will get worse rewards (and more likely pushed out of class gems) and less likely to find groups. A fair amount of speedrunners already want max mastery people, so far it isn’t so bad atm since there’s way more than 300 mastery, but it is kind of unfair that someone could work on their character more than collecting and pushed away from certain content.

I highly doubt the farmable DDE pouch will be effective as some potentially speculate since they’ve mentioned about adding one, but emphasised that they don’t want it to be the main way of earning shards. This should also mean they’ll be very expensive. Lets also not forget that they were also talking about potentially adding another elemental dragon and more likely they were adding more things to buy with the shards. As mentioned the top is ridiculously high. You need every character 16,667 PR they probably already have DDEs as mentioned and if you even want to attempt that, you’re going to have to Buy Trove Flux realistically equip them with pretty bad gems. Personally I equipped all of my characters with gems for total pr, saw nothing was coming and decided to delete some gems in order to compete in the weekly contests. After all dark pegasus wings are pretty much the only thing I can realistically get that’s not behind a paywall. I’m already at the point where doing anything is just pointless. I do STs once a week, optionally farm gems on Wed and then because everything is gated, whether I farm or not doesn’t really change my progress.

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