Trove: new to Trove and extremely new to the Knight class

Hello, I’m still fairly new to Trove and extremely new to the Knight class(started with a revenant) and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a hybrid style build for the Knight class. I’m looking for something that does decent damage but will also have the sustainability to solo things without to much trouble. I currently have a pure tank class so I really don’t want to build my knight to be a pure tank but I’m having a lot more fun with the Knight so I kinda wanna build it to be a hybrid/best of both worlds Tank and DPS class. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciate!


The answer is no. No because there aren’t any good builds for this type of stuff, rather it’s because the class itself can not support that kind of build. If you build it for all damage, it’s still the lowest damage of any other damage class and if you build it for tanking, it still is the worst of the tanks and to Buy Trove Flux. Making a hybrid for the knight is the worst option because it is already the worst in either category, so by combing the two you just make it an eldritch abomination of useless. I should know, I main knight.

Hmm alrighty lol, guess I’ll find another class to main for DPS. I have the Lunar Lancer, Chloromancer, Boomeranger, and Neon Ninja unlocked as well so might work on one of those for a DPS based class.

I heard the Lunar Lancer if built right is basically a glass cannon but has very limited sustain for longish fights but crazy damage output. I think I read here on the Trove forums or on Reddit that someone was able to do like 1.3m burst damage and around 600k steady damage with it built right. I’ve also heard that the Chloromancer later on is a beast I’m just struggling to get a handling on it(mostly placement of my seeds being off) and the Neon Ninja I haven’t had any luck with due to it’s low defense I have trouble soloing anything at lower levels without using up most of my flasks but that’s probably on myself not on the class.

I main the lunar, and I would guess you are reading ‘pre’-MOP info. I put out shy of 2 million per swing, but when I crit, it is 10 million. However, if you really want to get DPS, the neon ninja outshines the lunar lancer in DPS and cheapest trove flux. It is popular for a reason, and I do realize that if I put the time into NN that I have into my lunar, I would be much further along.

That depends on the situation. In the correct situation with about 7 minutes of prep time (Full squad of clones) LL has the highest DPS as long as Chloromancer is there to heal the clones. You can easily set up before a boss by using Draco’s burnt offerings or Balls as Lunacy Mode only proc from hitting things not necessarily killing them.

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