[Trove] Neon Ninja Speed Farming Tips! Mantle of Power

If you have over 1k crit damage it should be fine. The reason you need crit damage so badly is to 1 shot 3 star bosses. It is much faster to 1 shot a 3 star boss then to build your shurikens less than a second faster with attack speed.

In 1k hours of strictly Neon Ninja I would say about 1hr of that time was spent using my wings from not being able to find land. If I were to have to 3 shot 3 star bosses during that 1k hours without martial, that is about 4sec extra each boss. let’s say 30-40% of my dungeons were 3 star bosses and we only count the 3 star boss and not the 2 1 stars. That would be about 90 hours(9%) I would need over 1k hours. I would say not worth.

it’s a little late i know but i thought if it wouldnt be much better to use berserker cause you always get a movementspeed boost when killing an enemy and if u arent strong enough you also do more damage and the more mf you have the less usefull it is ?

The speed boost and damage buff is mostly wasted compared to MF. It takes a few seconds between each dungeon and you should be one shotting the bosses with this build. If you are a little lower on stats, there is no harm in using the rapt .

This is really late and I don’t expect to see a response because of that but gotta try. Is there any way to go to like a forge or something where you can change stats on a item. Or do you need to just get lucky with rng and hope for all this stats you mentioned? Sorry I haven’t played trove in months.


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