Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content

For an instance, just imagine that you’re a live-streamer or a content creator streaming or creating videos about Trove: What kind of content can you use or show? Basically just grinding, unboxing, building, pvping. You have to agree, that may be interesting to you but not to some of your viewers. This is kind of unfair to the live-streamers and content creators: They’re having fun showing off Trove gameplay and interacting with the viewers, yet because there is a lack of content they can’t attract too many viewers.

Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content, something that players will never get bored of, and will look forward to. Something that constantly refreshes, something that is more addictive besides just grinding out dungeons, killing monsters over and over again.

I have a suggestion for that: Introducing faction/guild/team cooperation type of gameplay to Trove. I kinda got this inspiration from Minecraft faction servers, and also a suggestion about having open world PVP in Trove, but I think it’ll be a great addition to Trove. Think about it: gameplay totally controlled by players themselves, and not the old boring PVE system. New stuff occurring everyday.

I doubt the devs can or even want to come up with something along the lines of what you are suggesting and implementing it. Being realistic at best we will get a new grind based system which can be easy to develop (similar to gems) and artificially increases gameplay without adding any “true” new content. Adding truly new content costs time and money i doubt Trion is likely to spend on Trove.

Every game wants never ending, interesting, constantly refreshing content. No game ever gets it, without heavy dev involvement. They are already spending all their time doing what we get. Is it enough? No. Is it repetitive and lacking in creativity? Of course.

Not sure really what you mean by club cooperation gameplay? If they could allow clubs to create content that would be great – whether that’s mini games, pvp arenas, dungeons within club worlds, scavenger hunts etc that can be supported by the developers with more commands and tools. That should require only an initial input from them and then let the players go wild. Obviously the issues there are balance and rewards. Well rewards can be a new currency, like arena coins, used to buy wings/mounts etc, and the creator of each piece of content can set the reward amount, say between 1-3. That way reward balance is fair and difficulty balance is up to the creator – too difficult and no one would play it etc.

My idea of never-ending is something that changes every time you do it. In my opinion, the best thing they could add to extend the game is to add some kind of special, procedurally-generated dungeon, where you enter, and it loads a completely new dungeon, and it lasts for quite a long time. Perhaps about 20 minutes to complete one dungeon? The way I would suggest to do this would be to have the community create rooms of different sizes and with different contents, and then make it so that when you load a new dungeon, it picks a some random rooms of different shapes and sizes, connects them all, and you fight your way to the end. Just an idea, of course.

That’s the problem. I’m not saying that it’s not okay to keep retexturing and re use stuff, such as e.g. just implementing more and more higher Uber adventure worlds into the game, or letting the community remake voxel models out of the same structure/animations such as dragons, but there has to be more effort put in to that when they release those and call it “new stuff”.

Not necessarily talking about open world PVP here, or involving the present club system now. IIt can be some other type of activity that allows players to compete against one another. Rewards can be simple: Just some XP, some flux, etc. (Not sure I want to go into to much detail here, so I’ll leave it at that.) Balance and rewards aren’t the really important things here, what’s important is that players find something fun and interesting in Trove to do, something addictive, something to drive them on to keep playing Trove.

So I just remembered something I think Trove could do. So a lot of the reason Minecraft hasn’t gone under the bus yet is because of adventure maps. I’d like to see us be able to do that (they can be clubworlds but please don’t let them take a club spot) but we need more tools at our disposal. We have something similar like mazes and whatnot but I’m talking a full fledged adventure with mobs. Having a boss at the end would be cool too where you can set your own difficulty (There would have to be limits in place though) Idk just a thought. You could have stories in these two which is the fun part for me.

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