Trove My Top 5 Favourite Class Gems

Not nearly as much as other classes such as SH NN CB etc. Plus it’s got low survivability unless there are other things tanking. TR may not be the best Damage Dealer and he’s an okay tank but his class gem is still better than Fae’s overall.

Guess it just depends on the person. I don’t get bored of the SH and mine is level 30. I might go back to NN eventually. I took a break from trove for 6 months so I still have a lot of catching up to do. I do remember having fun playing the Neon Ninja back when I got him to level 20. But this was months ago before class gems. I’m aware he’s probably the strongest class late-game but I still enjoy my SH so I’ll stick with it.

a class gem gives you a special ability,each class has a different one,you can get it by having a class gem key (you need class gem key fragments which you get by empowered gem boxes to make a key)then going to u8 or u9 shadow world (i dont remmember what its called)in shadow arenas you can get the class gem.

i am playing the boomeranger for some weaks now, and rescendly i got a empowerd gem box. I got a empowered raidiant fire gem, with the name “stinging curse”, which it gives me more health as well as magical damage. As you probably know the boomeranger is a class dealing physical damage, not magical. Should i equip the gem although i dont do magical damage? or should i wait until i have a high lvl mage-class?

if your secondary class is a magic class then you should wait,but if its low level its better to put it in your boomeranger it will help a bit on power rank and health/although you will need to swap it out after you get a better one (or you could wait and not use it at all,and wait for a physical dmg one).


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