Trove: make these Empowered Gem Boxes as the gem dust as crafting material


I suggest that we can make these Empowered Gem Boxes as the gem dust as crafting material. For example, 1 stack of each type of dust to craft 1 Empowered Gem Box or 2 stacks of each, and etc. Much like Stellar Empowered Gem boxes, Empowered Gem Boxes should be able to be crafted aside from using Lunar Souls. This way, this will aid players who are restricted to the time-gated boxes and make use of the gem dust that is constantly grinded for THE perfect stellar gem.

Perhaps increasing the crafting materials needed to craft the Empowered Gem Boxes? Like for Stellar Empowered Gem Boxes through the Trove Flux for sale, how about including Radiant Fragments into the equation along with the gem dust? That will make it more difficult to obtain these boxes.

The problem is its been almost 4 months since MOP and some of us have used months of premop lunar souls and do ultra dotm every week since release and still don’t have a single DDE or even a decent stellar empowered gem.

The other problem is in almost the duration of this time, the same people have got near perfect all stellar small gems with over 100k gem dust and the only thing holding us back are these stellar empowered gems and DDE.

No matter how much we play a week, no matter how much dedication we have, our opportunity for significant character development ends within the first hour of every week. The other 167 hours of the week is practically worthless and there isn’t a single thing that can be done about it without paying real money. This isn’t perfectly fine. This is not near perfectly fine. I can no longer rank in the top 25 for my class where I have been almost top 10 early MOP simply because I drew a shorter straw.

Regardless, it’s still not “easy” as he mentioned, which was the point of my reply. You either spend a lot of time farming to make bombs, or you have enough money to simply buy the components and make them, outright buy them if you’re rich. To get a competitive score, you will need stacks of them. Again, not easy for the average player.

It certainly never is easy to deal with RNG and on top of that, time gates. Having some form of craftable Empowered Gem Boxes with a decent crafting recipe to Buy Trove Flux, much like the craftable Stellar Empowered Gem box should be possible. It is not guaranteed that you will get all 11-12 empowered boxes, but even if you do, its still exceedingly difficult to get the necessary gems you need to rank up.

Quests doesn’t mean all grinding, it can be other quests like “Find and defeat 30 of these kind of monsters” or “Complete one Dungeon in this biome” etc. Well, since in the first place grinding is the main concept of Trove, you cannot expect the quest system to be much of otherwise. But, the quest system is something practical that all PVE systems need.

I think your forgetting about the boomer bomb. I got top 250 the last contest simply be spending a few hours destroying some biomes with my boomer bomb. I made a tunnel 5 biomes long and I went back and forth 3-4 times while doing it, so probably about 20 biomes worth of boomer bombs to get into the top 250.

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