Trove: it’s hard for builders and creators to connect better

I also quit for awhile too. Back right before the Chloromancer came out and I came back 3 weeks ago. Things seem a lot different now but the MoP update doesn’t bother me and the classes for credits doesn’t either because I have so many class coins. The MoP is all grinding and RNG which is nothing I didn’t expect from this game. If people don’t learn to enjoy the simple things in this game then they’ll eventually get bored of it.

It’s fun to build stuff and see what things others will build . For me it’s mostly the fact that you can make your homeworld become anything you want and that is not what other games can offer . Do you want your home in a mmo game to be Mines of Moria or maybe the Bedrock from Flintstones .. there is no limit .

The problem is that it’s hard for builders and creators to connect better . If I build a mount Rushmore , who will know it exists ? Do I have to start inviting people to it , or post on forums or maybe promote on youtube ? This is what kept me from putting more creativity into this game . I hope that devs can fix this . As I suggested before , a club browser would be a nice idea to bring builds to Buy Trove Flux with the light . Just put all you have built into your club’s tags and when people are searching for certain creation your club will appear in the result list . And clubs will have more visitors too . Although , reasons for people to visit clubs are scarce atm . It needs a lot of work .


From the steam reviews (shortly after MoP), I expected true P2W trash that needs IRL money for practically everything. I was a bit discouraged, but still decided to try it out anyways. I expected my appearance to be permanent without paying after leaving the tutorial zone, I expected that my cornerstone position would be permanent until I pay money (thus, before placing it I extremely carefully planned out everything; how easy it is to access, the surrounding scenery, even who my neighbors are), I expected that there would be hundreds of overpowered equipment items blocked purely by a paywall.

As for gameplay, I expected that the roaming foes would be more or less the main way to get profit, with occasional huge dungeons with a boss about equivalent to a Shadow Titan. Maybe some portals leading to a truly massive dungeon with several of those Shadow Titan bosses, along with something at the end three times that power (and size). (With most of those being blocked off unless you pay money.)

I also expected monsters to become stronger as I walk outwards (and was quite confused after roaming through the Hub for about an hour but found nothing but spring beetles), and for ores to be common completely underground through the Trove Flux for sale, getting more and more valuable as you dig down (I expected that Infinity Diamonds would be an extremely rare ore at the very bottom of the world, especially since someone in chat said “I FOUND DIAMONDS!” and shortly after several people said “invite”).

I was rather disappointed in the lairs in the first two worlds, but had high hopes for the ‘large dungeons’ the map mentioned. After finding some in the elite world, and powering through the first two bosses, I entered the final boss room, and found… Basically just another one-star boss, but with very slightly buffed stats.

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