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Trove: make these Empowered Gem Boxes as the gem dust as crafting material


I suggest that we can make these Empowered Gem Boxes as the gem dust as crafting material. For example, 1 stack of each type of dust to craft 1 Empowered Gem Box or 2 stacks of each, and etc. Much like Stellar Empowered Gem boxes, Empowered Gem Boxes should be able to be crafted aside from using Lunar Souls. This way, this will aid players who are restricted to the time-gated boxes and make use of the gem dust that is constantly grinded for THE perfect stellar gem.

Perhaps increasing the crafting materials needed to craft the Empowered Gem Boxes? Like for Stellar Empowered Gem Boxes through the Trove Flux for sale, how about including Radiant Fragments into the equation along with the gem dust? That will make it more difficult to obtain these boxes.

The problem is its been almost 4 months...

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The rewards are cumulative

This is beyond sad. Saved money to make sure I could donate a good amount for the extra life pack this year. Should have known better than to look forward to something in this game because you always get disappointed. I can only pray you are wrong and they are just not recycling last years pack… sad.

As you may know, the last couple of years I’ve been doing a 24 hours Trove Creations livestream in support of Extra Life. This year is no different! I’ll be streaming for 24 hours starting on Saturday, November 5th. The agenda is the same as last year – you can donate here and have me make a style, hairstyle, helmet, ally, mount, costume or dragon, with a ‘Designed By’ credit to a name of your choice...

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Trove: new to Trove and extremely new to the Knight class

Hello, I’m still fairly new to Trove and extremely new to the Knight class(started with a revenant) and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a hybrid style build for the Knight class. I’m looking for something that does decent damage but will also have the sustainability to solo things without to much trouble. I currently have a pure tank class so I really don’t want to build my knight to be a pure tank but I’m having a lot more fun with the Knight so I kinda wanna build it to be a hybrid/best of both worlds Tank and DPS class. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciate!


The answer is no. No because there aren’t any good builds for this type of stuff, rather it’s because the class itself can not support that kind of build...

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NEW “FREE DRAGON”, WINGS, PINATA INVADERS & MORE! ✪ Trove Patch Notes – Join the Party!

Are you still doing giveaways if so i would rely like to win if i don’t its not the end of the world because my birthday is coming up in less then a moth and i’m probably going to use my money for the dragon horde pack i’m turning 13 on December 6 anyway congrats to who wins.

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troveshop | Midnight Skypetal Plains Raid

Join a raid to defeat the Sacred Longgui through increasingly difficult levels and earn new rewards.

The Skypetal Plains are thrown into chaos in the Midnight Skypetal Plains raid. Plant monsters and a massive, ancient tortoise—the Sacred Longgui—have taken over the normally pastoral Skypetal Plains which is now bathed in powerful Moonlight Chi. The Sacred Longgui was a peaceful creature who once lived happily in the Divine Realm thousands of years ago, until he made the mistake of eating from the sacred Celestial Garden. Stripped of his eternal youth, the Sacred Longgui is now cursed with old age, madness, and a deadly case of the sniffles.

Now the Sacred Longgui has unexpectedly appeared in the moonlit night of the Midnight Skypetal Plains...

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Trove Livestream – Join the Party! – November 11, 2016 on troveshop

Trove Livestream – Join the Party! – November 11, 2016 on troveshop

Join us on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our weekly livestream! Our Join the Party celebration is in full swing as we march toward the launch of Trove on consoles (yes, it’s coming)! We’ll also visit the winners of the Shadow’s Eve Build Contest and answer your questions. Be there!

Trove Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, November 11 at 12:30 PM PDT / 7:30 PM GMT
Duration: 45 minutes

Ask your questions of the dev team in this forum thread.

Winners of giveaways will be notified via direct message on Twitch by the end of the day (Pacific time) on Friday. Be sure to check the Other inbox in Twitch as our messages are often sent there.

We’ll see you there!

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Something about accepting random friends requests in Trove

I’m a friendly guy, enjoying the game, chilling around, I never begged for a single item in the game, I’ve spent a good amount of IRL money on it because I enjoy it.
However it seems like a big part of the community especially high PR, 300+ mastery or purple ones are really ignorant. They tend to be rude or have this “I’M GOD” attitude, I’ve noticed for example they ask for people for a run and then they don’t even bother reply back. I’ve had people dumping me over someone else just because a bit higher PR or whatever reason there was (?). I am in few clubs and as in every MMO I’m constantly looking the chat and noticing what’s going on...

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Dofus Is Finally Launching On Steam On November 7th on troveshop

Dofus Is Finally Launching On Steam On November 7th on troveshop

It’s been just over two years since its less popular spiritual successor Wakfu made its debut on Steam, but Dofus is finally making its way to the ever-popular PC storefront on November 7th. After being available exclusively through the official website for twelve years, it seems that Ankama Games has decided that it is time that the game takes its place on what has become one of the epicenters of PC gaming.

If you already play Dofus—or simply want to get a two-day head start—you will be happy to know that the Steam version will allow you to link your existing account to your Steam account. Should you not want to wait for the Steam version to go live, you can download the game now via the official website.

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troveshop – Bless Online Russian closed beta begins October 25

troveshop - Bless Online Russian closed beta begins October 25

Are you in Russia? If so, your English reading comprehension is really great if you’re here browsing Massively OP! In any case, we have some good news for you: Bless Online is preparing to launch its closed beta test in your country on October 25th.

The game is being handled by 101XP in Russia, and Steparu postulates that Bless will operate with an IP block as it’s being rolled out in other regions by different companies. 101XP advises that fans stay tuned for more information about the closed beta test, including a schedule of events and ways to obtain a key.

Not in Russia? The rest of this post is for you too! There are a pair of gorgeous trailers that you have to check out below to whet your appetite for when (if?) Bless arrives in your region.

Source: Bless Online, Steparu...
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Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop –

Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop -

Trove’s modding community is one of our greatest assets! The creativity and passion shown by so many players allows endless customization and limitless imagination! To better support you, and your creations, we’re proud to introduce our brand new mod loader.

Mods are creations made by other players that allow you to customize how items in game look. There are mods for weapons, costumes, allies, mounts, and dragons! Placing community created mods into Trove has never been easier!

Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop -
Original Drumsticks

Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop -
Modded Ignerius

Follow these steps to install mods directly into Trove:

  1. Browse our forums or Trovesaurus for mods you’d like to try out and download the file to your computer...
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