Trove First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

Trove is a new MMORPG that was recently released, It’s free to play on steam and is a game that’s clearly inspired by Minecraft there’s been a lot of hype around this game so this week I decided to check it out in my first impressions series, I condense 4.5 hours worth of gameplay down into 17 minutes to help you decide if It’s an MMORPG worth downloading and playing.

Only thing that would keep me from playing something like this for a little bit of cheeky fun every once in a while would be the fact that it’s probably infested with kids that are using their parent’s credit cards to buy upgrades and shit.

I know this vid is old but i enjoy watching your vids through again , I think you should try SkySaga if you can get into the alpha, its sort of similar to this in a way, Its a really cool game  imagine player housing but you get an island in the sky and you can visit or even edit friends places, the combat has dodge, kick mechanic for baddies who use shields, an awesome dual wielding system really convenient.

The game has gone completely downhill,it is turning into the abomination known as a Pay to Win game. It would probably do better with a less cash centered developer. Like Blizz,Nintendo or Capcom.

ive been free to play since i started and u can get patron with in game gold also i know people who have good gear who are much higher gear score then me who make 3k a day all free to play.

i know that i’m pretty late but i have some question about this game. I have already try this game , but well , after 3 days on it , i have found the game boring because all the dungeon is similar. I found this game badly boring and not even good. But , is the game worth to play for the high level ? i know that maybe in the video , the answer is here , but well , i have not look all the video and i want to know more about the end game.

well the endgame is basicly the beginning just longer but the middle is enjoyable getting mounts getting powerful gear doing new shadow towers and what not but the beginning and endgame is boring.

but as a new player id stay away because trion isnt the best developer and even though they make alot of money of this game are making it p2w it costs 10$ for a class now and soon they will make it so xp takes longer to get so it makes the game difficult without patron which is something you buy with real money all in all they are making it hard for new players.

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