Trove as a MMO, what is the end-game plan for Trove?

Hello there,

My name is Bitbox and I’ve played on and off since pretty much alpha, leveling here and there and well, taking the game in its pace.

The main reason I’m posting this is well, I’m a veteran of sorts to online games, from Starwars galaxies, Ryzom online, WoW, Rift and a whole bunch more.

When I’m playing trove, past level 6? there really feels a lack of motivation to progress my character other than getting new items to complete my look or some more starts, but for the actual class in its self, there is no real drive, focus or system in place to enhance my class, to change my game-play other than the same four keys I unlocked at level 6.

So what I’m asking is this – states and looks aside, what serious class progression can players be looking to expect from Trove at the later stages?

How serious is this game to be taken and will it ever truly have a end-game state?

To this one suggestion I have is armor modifiers, or set bonuses, to put it simple.

The idea here is that say at level 20 you can start to earn / craft tokens, these tokens are a reagent to crafted class gear that has specific effects.

Examples –

Knight – Hat/weapon/mask three piece set grants –
(set one)
On casting shock wave you get a free second shock wave that casts automatically two seconds later.

(set two)
Casting charge increases your damage reduction by 50% and damage output by 25% for four seconds.

Tomb Raiser – Hat/weapon/mask three piece set grants –
(set one)
When you cast summon minion, you have a 10%-15% chance at summoning a bone giant as if three minions had been sacrificed.
(set two)
When you sacrifice your minions you now also get 5% health back for each minion (To a total of 25%)
The idea of this is to make it so we have specific mats to be looking for, but also to make it so we can edit our class in a way we feel impactful, through what gear bonuses we go for.

If the WHOLE concept is just mining / building, I may as well go play minecraft, this game is a MMO with classes – and hopefully, some kind of character progression for those who take their class / PvE serious, the recent Shadow Tower is a step away from “being a building game” and more towards challenging PvE – and I see this a direction them going with in general, and to this end I can’t see many people sticking around at the higher levels.

I know what you’re saying Wingzor, but that doesn’t answer my main question: Should this game be taken serious as a MMO, or should I go find another game that offers more in class progression.

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