Trove: anything that can be farmed with multiple accounts right now will go up in price

The economy would crash in this game. The price of everything would raise/lower as the amount of people supplying them would dwindle. People with a ton of flux right now would rein for a long period as the flux entering the market would flop.

Anything that can be farmed with multiple accounts right now will go up in price. That ‘might’ help the person who isn’t farming with multiple accounts as the items they farm will sell for more however the items they wish to buy will also cost more. I believe a lot of people would become less ‘lazy’ and stop just buying everything.

The amount of flux placed into the system right now because of alts running STs is a lot. Removing said flux would in return bring the price of everything down as the value of flux would go up. Flux is still needed for upgrading gear, Tow, gems, and other things. If you think you don’t have enough flux right now, you’re going to have even less if this happened.

With the combination of the value of flux going up and the other items going up, everyone would have less flux and everything would cost more. The multiaccounts might be making the game easier for some people but it is also making the game easier for everyone else in the long run(Unless all you want to do is farm items all day).

We don’t have any plans to prevent players from creating multiple accounts. We do not allow players to use software to automate gameplay but if people want to login to several accounts and play all of them, we’re okay with it. I recognize and respect that you feel differently.


Simply create 8-16 accounts, carry them through ST runs, and you get hundreds of thousands of flux for minimal work. Getting 16x the amount of rewards you normally get is easier than you think and not only is it allowed, it is encouraged. While sad, there is nothing you can do about it, either adapt or die.

There are ways to reduced the load for the alt accounts; though I don’t remember exactly and have to ask my husband about it again. Short of it is that with a few changes you can get more accounts running just by changing configs as even I got up to 7 alts running at once on a semi-decent pc.

This might sound obvious, but you should set your graphics setting on alt accounts all to lowest possible (including retromode). If you run your main first, and then run one alt and change settings, all next alts will start on the same lowest settings (IIRC). But when you exit your main as last, these settings will be reverted.
I was able to run 3 clients on ultra (XD), but reducing the quality of alts really helps. Still, managing them is too tedious for me, so I do it rarely.

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