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In-depth trove guide / tutorial for beginners on xbox one & PS4 consoles

Is Trove on Consoles better than PC? Today we’ll start a new file and Let’s Play series of Trove on the Xbox One Console Version! In this video, I’ll talk about the difference between Trove on PC and Xbox One / PS4, explain How to Play Trove and How Trove Works for new players & beginners.

When I first started playing my RT and LT were broken so I couldn’t attack in the tutorial so I tried getting the first enemy to fall off the edge but he got stuck in the ground and I had to reinstall the game.

I am thinking that they made all classes credits for the beta. You can choose the one you want at the start then you get another class coin to choose whatever other one you want. I hope they remove credits and let you buy with cubits for atleast some of the other classes after beta.

The clan is l...

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How to Increase Performance for Trove on Xbox One & PS4 – Hidden Performance Options

Do you know how to speak Spanish? Because I like your video but I do not understand anything I’m using a translator to write this the idea that you could give if you know how to speak in Spanish is to create a channel for Spanish speakers.

trove on console is already “complete” they just have to port the rest of the PC updates to console. like I said, the console release is meant for only console players, if you play on PC, don’t bother with console. console release is designed to draw in people who don’t use PC and only console game.

I’m lucky I’m guessing...

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All the sudden Pirate Captain much more of an annoying class

I honestly don’t like how pvp is today, well, it was never that great in the first place although I wasted my time with it. It’s strange how Ice Sage had a nerf before where the ult only lasted for less than 3.5 seconds which you couldn’t kill someone in one shot now it’s back to normal. Then poor Lunar Lancer’s lost their speed which makes me so uncomfortable in pvp because it feels 10x slower and it runs awkward when it’s slow. All the sudden Pirate Captain much more of an annoying class to pass by because of it’s AOE.

I remember chloromancer’s first nerf in pvp or should I say pve as well with the leafy lashers where you can summon less which made it easier for people to run pass by...

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The biome would change every hour

It’s likely too late now to do anything about it but, having a second way to farm invaders would be pretty neat, I’d like to propose this as an idea; much like how the troops of turkey were based in the Dragonfire biome, why not have invaders cover the landscape of a specific biome much like they did – but here’s the shamalan twist, the biome would change every hour (a lot like the hourly challenges for those sweet, sweet dragon coins). This would give plays who don’t want to sit on their hands a way to release their undue stress and raging frustrations on those darned invaders taking YOUR land.

Instead of a traditional sitting party, why not a good old trove hunting party? If filling up a biome chalk full of those, darned, pesky invaders is hard to do, why not make a special dungeon and ...

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One isn’t necessarily better than the other in simple terms. The equation for damage is PD*(1+CH*CD). The more physical damage you have, the less it weighs. You can have 120k PD and only 400% CD and someone with 90k PD and 1000% CD will have much much higher dps. Hope this helps.

I have no idea what to say int his poetic response but I CAN say congratz, max Goodall, you won the Regular Centaur!!! Just catch Scythe online, whisper/spam him EVEN if he’s appearing offline and he’ll give you this prize!!! Enjoy!

Not always. 120k raw with, say 400-500 crit won’t do as much as 90k with 1000 crit. Likewise, 60k raw and 1200 crit would be doing worse. You want a balance, as stacking more of one gradually makes less impact than stacking both.

All three...

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I need help for a late game choice what class should I go with into the late game the choices are Tomb Raiser, Candy Barb, Pirate Captain, Neon Ninja, and Boomeranger I need a class that can grind easily and last a long time also the class should be a tank and a huge damage dealer. Also I can do two classes into the late game so recommend one or two classes.

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HOW TO GET PINATATAUR & CELEBRATION PINATA IN TROVE! Trove Pinata Inaders Event Guide & Tutorial

A lot of luck,coz for almost every invaders i got a pinata. so its already 2 coins per invaders. around 10 people, thats 20 coins per invasion. invasions are every 5 mins, so there are 12 invasions per hour. 12*20 is 240. i sometimes they dropped no pinatas tho.

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Trove – Useful Game Commands

Today we take a look at the useful game commands that you have access to while playing trove. These commands can do various things such as show addition information, player emotes and even change the graphics of the game to a secret retro mode.

Its nice I have just started play trove this week and that will be an useful commands to know for the future 🙂 and also I really want to know what is the outro music because I really like that song but can’t even remember the name of that song.

Thought I might say that in case someone might need to know. There’s also /help, which states all the commands. you can go and experiment with some of them, just don’t type /mf. (Seriously, don’t. You don’t want to know what happens. I’ll give you a hint: You have to restart your game afterward...

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Trove is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

“It’s something we heard in the past, especially when we were kicking off,” Krausnick said about comparisons to Minecraft. “We’ve really seen that the heart and soul of the game, coming from [the fact that] we enjoy these voxel games and us being RPG players and MMO players and like, we really want these other elements in here. We want to have this action combat, we want to be leveling up, we want to be grouping up with other people and have social groups and all that stuff. That really sets us apart.

“No one else is doing that. It’s not something you’re going to get in any other voxel games that are out there. We really attracted those players, and those are the ones who are sticking around and playing the game; those are the ones we’re building it for.”

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Trove Battleverse PvP Trailer

Trove’s PvP mode – the Battle Arena – has been in beta for a couple of weeks, but is now being unlocked for everyone. It’s a 5v5 game of Capture the Flag, with the emphasis actually being on doing that rather than amassing killstreaks. Each game lasts just five minutes, an idea influenced by games with universal appeal like Nintendo’s Splatoon. “They’re really quick [games], which we find helps reduce the sadness when you lose,” reveals Krausnick. “If you get really invested in a game and play for an hour, when you lose you’re really upset. But if you play five minutes it’s like candy: yeah you lost, but you’ll play another one.”

The Nintendo influences go further: character power-ups dotted around the arenas have a Mario Kart quality to them...

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