This game needs more variety

Work towards reward? I’m tired of having a train of leechers behind me that don’t enter a lair/dungeon and steal my loot when I do 100% of the work towards it. Anyone who actually contributes damage on the boss should be rewarded regardless of the number of people present. The next x nearby people can be granted based on who is closest. If one person one-shots the boss. the next 7 people who are closest should get gear. This would promote people actually participating rather than sitting on top of the lair.

Would you consider changing the class contests as it’s getting close to impossible to compete for top slots, given the random and cruel nature of gem rng, aswell as the fact that they don’t require any effort from the players currently at the top past swapping their gems. (as a follow up to that, don’t increase unsocket costs even further as a solution, that’ll only hurt the game far more than it helps it, so think up something else).

I would like to ask if you guys have a date yet for the release of the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 editions of the game? I have been waiting on it a while, and It is ok if you don’t have a definite date still, but I wonder in that case what percentage of the project you guys would probably say is finished? I also wish to say thank you for all the effort you guys put in to the game with the Network troubles, and exciting content you bring to the game world, and cannot wait to see what is to come going forward.

At this time of year we have a lot of the invader events, which can be fun, but as pretty much everyone knows AFK cornerstones are used to easily get what players need from the events, where players will sit around talking or doing nothing while the cornerstone kills invaders. While i don’t particularly care that the invaders are exploited like this, I think it would be much better to have an “event portal” which leads to an adventure world populated with invaders or enemies themed to the events. I like this idea more than the current invader system because if players who don’t have a lot of time wish to get all the event items, they’re currently sort of limited by the time it takes for invaders to drop, and some might be forced into using the afk cornerstones to obtain the event items reliably. With the “event portal” players could just focus solely on the event, rather than having to farm adventure worlds or wait in afk cornerstones for the invaders.

How hard or possible would it be to have all the packs put into the game in a similar manner to the 30 day patron pass? So that players could just buy them and list them on the market. If this granted the patron points to the person who applied the item, rather than the original purchaser, this would allow everything to be obtained and the problem would entirely vanish!

Please, no. This game needs more variety, not less. You might have forgotten, but they are quite a bit easier to beat than a typical 1 star boss for brand-new players to that uber level (not counting the broken beetle and fire crab ones). Neon Ninjas and the like can happily ignore kill 30s while newbies can use them to level without leeching.

The RNG from opening the boxes is bad enough alone and when you combine that with only getting a limited amount a week, makes it even worse. Also, we shouldnt have to wait a week to be able to put a star on our gear especially for those who are trying to get to 250k power rank. My idea was creating a new world (perhaps a moon based world? for all things celestial) so that we can gather boxes from completing dungeons (as we are all used to) and in those boxes would be flux and eyes annnnnnnd titan soul fragments and lunar soul fragments and rarely titan souls and lunar souls themselves. yes? no? maybe?

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