The type of compensation

We experienced a series of network issues last week that caused disconnections and latency across all Trion Worlds games. We’ve worked hard on resolving the issues, and we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just installed new hardware to help manage these issues in future.

Now that connections have become stable once again, we want to provide everyone who logged in during the issues with a heartfelt “Thank you!” for sticking with us through last week’s challenges. We know how frustrating disconnections can be and hope to see you back in your favorite Trion game soon.

Think about it. There are numerous players who only have a small window of opportunity to log each day (be it school, work, etc.). Anyone affected during those times likely lost out on several days worth of dragon coins, chaos chests, and the like. I’m not saying “Give this person this, give that person that”. It is clear no thought was given to this. Just given a few emp boxes and a few days patron and be done with it, essentially. A few dragons coins each day to have made up for those who lost out on them. A few days patron (which is being given). A few daily loot chests for those who couldn’t even access the servers.

Now that’s the type of compensation I was looking for! Thank you very much for compensating us Patroners for the subracted time plus a bit more. I am wondering though.. I was a Patron during the downtime but currently am not, will I be receiving the extra time? Thank you! This renewed my interest in continuing to pay you guys for a game well done!

No, you’re not the only one. Not much of a problem, though. A week of patron was pretty good compensation, in my opinion. As some have stated, they didn’t have to give anything at all. Now, if we could only get on to take advantage of the free patronage. Well, I stand corrected. I was just able to get on, and had 3 emp boxes waiting for me. I guess it will just take awhile for them to get to everyone. Thanks for the compensation, Trion. Best of luck getting the problems solved.

My connection issues on Trove are very real on Eurozone at daytime for today and yesterday. Also 2 weeks before this week. They started when there were announcements to fix them for others. also no problems otherwise on connection.
and using 10meg connection.

never received any compensation… is the compensation only for monthly patron subscribers only .. i get my patron via ingame market … but i should still qualify for the compensation too. but im not here for that im here because of the common issue of SERVER ISSUES!!!!!!!! my goodness this game is PLAGUED with it! lets get it together folks!!! lets get it together!!! XBOX1 AND PS4 PLAYERS BEWARE!

i honestly wasn’t expecting a compensation and as far as i have seen, compensations doesn’t seem to be something you do in times when we need them.
i lately watched scythes’ noteing that the horrible servers seem to be ruining peoples experience and that may be one of the reasons why people leave the game.

a compensation every now and then could help keep thos players around and while i believe that the rewards shouldn’t be too generous, i still believe that compensations should happend depending on what most people have been doing during the duration of the issues trove is experiencing. as i’m sure you already know, i have suggested and ranted about what i dislike about trove and to some extent i still hold strong to my opinions and believe that spending money on the game wasn’t my wisest decision.

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