The rewards are cumulative

This is beyond sad. Saved money to make sure I could donate a good amount for the extra life pack this year. Should have known better than to look forward to something in this game because you always get disappointed. I can only pray you are wrong and they are just not recycling last years pack… sad.

As you may know, the last couple of years I’ve been doing a 24 hours Trove Creations livestream in support of Extra Life. This year is no different! I’ll be streaming for 24 hours starting on Saturday, November 5th. The agenda is the same as last year – you can donate here and have me make a style, hairstyle, helmet, ally, mount, costume or dragon, with a ‘Designed By’ credit to a name of your choice. In addition, if you donate for a mount, costume, or dragon, you get 25 codes for your creation when it goes live, so you can spread even more love around.


Everything created on the stream will be added to the game in the future – possibly as another Extra Life pack, the 2015 version of which you can make yours if you haven’t already by joining Trove’s Extra Life 2016 team and raising $75.

The rewards are cumulative, yes. If you raise $150 or more, for example, you’ll get everything listed under the lower levels as well. In order to qualify for the rewards, you must be fundraising and be a member of Team Trion Worlds (you can select this when you sign up at If you want to donate the money directly yourself, which is certainly an option, then register and make the donation to your own fundraising either when registering or afterwards. You have the option of fundraising additionally beyond that, but if you choose not to, $150 is certainly a good mark to hit for a personal member without guild support. $200 will get you this year’s T-shirt, and there are other benefits if you sign up for Platinum when registering. $75 gets you a badass carved wood phone case for $10 (regularly $40 or more) from with the Extra Life logo engraved. $50 gets you a $10 Looney Labs gift code, and there are lots of other things that will end up being rewarded after Saturday for certain thresholds (most are listed on the website).

Also, you can earn a couple of rewards for Trion games just by playing this weekend; you don’t have to be a registered participant to earn those, you just have to follow whatever it says. Some of them are for cumulative time over the weekend spent playing Trion games, but a couple of them are new this year in that they require 1 hour (and possibly more) to be spent in a specific game.

Also, for those disappointed about the Extra Life pack for Trove being the one from last year, bear in mind that it didn’t make it into the game until May of this year because of all of the asset-related work that needed to be added. If you contribute to Atronos and he develops something for you live, it almost certainly will end up in the game sometime within the next year and I’m sure they will likely do another pack to do it. There were a ton of people that ended up contributing last year, myself included, and I am sure that number is not going to be very much smaller this year. He designed like 10 allies, several mounts, and at least 2 dragons on the stream.

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