The low tier rewards are of course going to remain score based like

As a suggested alternative, instead of additively adding XP and PR, instead it should be added multiplicatively, since that encourages players even more to grind in the highest ubers they can access.

The low tier rewards are of course going to remain score based like they are now, so getting those would be similar to the xp contest, except you need to play as that specific class, which helps with diversifying the gameplay, they could even still just require power rank and not xp!

Since the class contests will be more focused (eg, players can’t compete on multiple contests at the same time) the rewards of each contest needs to be upped to compensate, ideas that came to mind was giving chaos coins to the top 3 of each contest, upping the amount of dark vaults given per contest from 10 to 15, aswell as the amount of class gem keys given per contest from 1 to 2.

To avoid abusing this new system in low tier (novice) worlds, the worlds in which a players gets points should be restricted to the 2 highest uber that player’s class can go in to. (example: if you’re 9900 power rank, you get points in u7 and u8.)

Another benefit of this is that gem swappers and contest snipers won’t exist anymore, since there’s nothing for them to snipe, which means we can remove the unsocket cost from gems again.

Not making the class contests dependant on players having different power rank than eachother would also allow gems to be streamlined, e.g., all lesser gems give the same amount of power rank per stat, i’m sure alot of players would love this, all you need to worry about then would be obtaining the gems you need in the first place, and then hoping for the right boosts, which is still a quite the massive task, especially if you need to do it for multiple classes.

I know this punishes players who can’t play 10+ hours a day, but atleast it’s much better than the current situation with gem swappers stealing everything.

This idea could even function without bonus points based on power rank, however i would recommend that it should stay because it keeps players striving for high power rank, makes sure players are rewarded for building themselves up to that high power rank and to differenciate it just a bit from the regular xp contest.

I assume that this is a large problem at the very highest-tier rewards of contests, but I’ve personally never had this problem at all. I think it only really affects the ‘hardcore’ players, and those who are serious about contests. The majority of players aren’t going to be experiencing this, and that’s why I think having XP as the way of getting rewards isn’t too great for most people. As you said, it punishes people who can’t play for a large amount of time everyday, which I would imagine to be most people. It would mean that someone could be at the top of the leaderboards just because they had more free time to grind whilst others could only play at the weekends.

In other words, I think changing the contests to an XP grind would still be as unfair, if not more, as the current contests can potentially be. I agree that there needs to be a higher cost for unsocketing gems though. The current 500 cubits per gemerator means that players with patron can still unsocket a fair amount of gems which gives them an advantage over non-patrons, who can only unsocket one or two high-level gems. I know patron players are meant to have advantages but they shouldn’t be unfair ones. The devs need to find a way of making gem unsocketing more expensive and more equal for patrons and non-patrons.

Isn’t that the meaning of “contest”? That you have to work hard to overcome others? Class contests at the first 2 ranks can hardly be called as contests, you put a few gems on and bam free loots every week for free. (I don’t mind it haha, but it requires 0 effort.) Also, if the top tiers of class contests were somehow be partially based on time invested, there could be more variety among the top 250 each week considering a few high-end players might not have the determination.

I don’t understand the first part of this, the power rank is not meant to be insignificant, which is why it still affects the contests, so players are still encouraged to get alot of it. players with less power rank won’t get as much of a benefit, but those players wouldn’t be able to get the dark vaults anyways, so it all turns out for the better.

They already have ‘most xp earnt’ and ‘most kill’ to me it sounds like you just want to ruin it for other players. Maybe your jealous I dunno…. atm I login to trove a few times a week…. most of my characters are already vll 30 and whenever I do play all I can do is grind. One of the things that keeps me coming back is my 10 empowered gems each week.

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