The biome would change every hour

It’s likely too late now to do anything about it but, having a second way to farm invaders would be pretty neat, I’d like to propose this as an idea; much like how the troops of turkey were based in the Dragonfire biome, why not have invaders cover the landscape of a specific biome much like they did – but here’s the shamalan twist, the biome would change every hour (a lot like the hourly challenges for those sweet, sweet dragon coins). This would give plays who don’t want to sit on their hands a way to release their undue stress and raging frustrations on those darned invaders taking YOUR land.

Instead of a traditional sitting party, why not a good old trove hunting party? If filling up a biome chalk full of those, darned, pesky invaders is hard to do, why not make a special dungeon and fill them up with those “stuffed” pinata invaders, whom usually only drop 1 coin anyways (they must have fasted before joining the invasion). It would be a special dungeon, a lot like the Dragons that freely roam the world, or the Shadow Coloseums in U8-U9. Perhaps a mix of the two! With one BIG Pinata and a load of lesser minions, all full of a random number of coins and perhaps even little brother throwable pinatas.

Feedback is a very important part of our process. In this case, there’s been feedback that players want a break from invaders. Personally, I like them a lot. I’ve never AFK farmed, I just go in game and play. If I hit an invader, I take it down. It doesn’t keep me from other stuff, but if you’re looking to farm up the latest seasonal loot then it can feel like a lot of pressure to get those resources.

11.5% of the year has been continuous invader events. How you think this is fine is way beyond my comprehension. This is the most brain-dead of events as it requires no work from the dev team and no work from the players to complete. Actually, it goes even further than that as the chances of a normal player who doesn’t farm getting coin items is near null. You may enjoy it, perfectly ok, but if you want the rewards then you must AFK farm. It is impossible to achieve both rewards solo or even in a small group. So yes, you can just go in and play, but don’t expect to get jack from this event.

Here is a tweak you can do to invader events, remove them altogether. They add nothing, promotes alt farming (which I understand Trion may want as it inflates player counts), and shows lazy game design. The turkeys in Dragonfire Peaks was a really good step in the right direction, bar the fact it removed most dungeons and all cornerstones, but then we go back to whatever this is. They don’t need changes, they don’t need small touch ups, as just the idea of invaders is dull and unimaginative one.

I personally despise invader events because they encourage me to be lazy and just chat and get nothing done in game. I usually finish fewer tomes in an invader week. One thing Trion could do is make the reward mounts easier to get and have fewer of them. If they honestly think a player without afk farming or idle farming will get 2000 pin coins, then they really don’t know what they are doing.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see if there are any tweaks made as to how the invaders will work. In regards to player feedback, I know I myself was a little nervous about coming on here – you could be getting larger numbers of people’s opinions through voting polls in-game. The more active senior members of this forum (because they especially care about this game, even if there are complaints, that’s why people complain! They like what you’ve made and want to see it get better) and devs could cooperate and create said polls that players in-game could vote on.

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