Something about accepting random friends requests in Trove

I’m a friendly guy, enjoying the game, chilling around, I never begged for a single item in the game, I’ve spent a good amount of IRL money on it because I enjoy it.
However it seems like a big part of the community especially high PR, 300+ mastery or purple ones are really ignorant. They tend to be rude or have this “I’M GOD” attitude, I’ve noticed for example they ask for people for a run and then they don’t even bother reply back. I’ve had people dumping me over someone else just because a bit higher PR or whatever reason there was (?). I am in few clubs and as in every MMO I’m constantly looking the chat and noticing what’s going on. Very often the chat is ridiculous in various clubs with this rudeness and attitude coming of old players and people who’ve stayed in the game for a long long time. A lot of times they also tend to ignore people who are out of they god-looking zone.

Of course there are exceptions, there are 300+ mastery guys that will actually reply back to you in a simple question, there are purple guys who will do some casual chatting, there are high PR who won’t replace you for someone else because they choose to invite you first.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand how game works and how high PR and high mastery players tend to get preferred on, what I don’t understand and I literally hate is the attitude that comes with it.

I haven’t ever ranted to anyone in-game as I tend to be polite so I’m making my rant here, so I don’t hurt anyone’s personal feelings.

The point I want to make here, is mostly towards to old players.

You don’t have to be ignorant or rude, remember yourself when you started the game or while you progressed to it.

Be kind to one another, its a fun game and we can all enjoy it together.

Something about accepting random friends requests in Trove

After some time I see. Yellow and Purple names basically can’t talk in global chat or accept random friend requests or we’re spammed with invites to shadow towers. Most of the time they’re just invite spams and we’re never asked if we could help.

I accepted many friend requests while I streamed and I was asked to carry through ST so much that I just got burned out on replying to each and every request. Many yellow and purple names are asked for free stuff as well and most of the people who have these colored names are people that did all the farming and grinding needed to reach that point without any free handouts, so it’s frustrating to see people try to take the easy route instead of just playing the game.

On another side, if you’re a purple name and you are dis people for how they play or their PR then lol… Trove is very casual. Seeing people with a hardcore mentality in this game is just leaves me shaking my head.

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be taken so seriously, but people also shouldn’t expect free help and handouts. Even if asking once doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s something many people ask so it adds up. Best to join a club and ask in a club instead of asking people individually. A big issue I’m seeing is people don’t use ST channels or they specifically ask for a “carry” instead of trying to form groups and carrying their own weight.


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