Skyrim theme in Trove

You must be joking… If not, you are mistaken. This is in the Trovian Maestros world, in my section, with the 60 other creations I’ve made. I do not steal other people’s work for my own personal gain.

im at this world at the moment and i found this song and used my mount all the way to listen to it and it was cool i enjoyed it im still on the track atm and looking their is millions of notes in this world like i looking and u can see notes as far as the eye can see and more hey add me im repelt on the game .

I am not part of the club but I have access to the music because there’s a portal there at hit team’s club world, so a special thanks to you for building the music and also to badcopy for making hit team and placin the portal in his club!

Man it sounds okay and I’m guessing it took a long time but it would sound a lot better if you downloaded a fruity loops or ableton version of the skyrim song and used the midi files from it adding your own little touches.

My comment was posted before I knew you couldn’t load midi files into the game. I had heard that you could load midi files into the instrument blocks which would mean you could perfectly replicate any song in game but you can’t you have to individually create each note.


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