Hihi dudes and dudettes!! I hope you all are doing wonderfully and thanks for being patient for so long XD I wanna congratulate, Francis Martini, floral, Neeson, and Darren Ee for being today’s lucky winners and to say goodluck to the future winners of these Trove giveaways See ya next time, and stay epic Also thank you all so much for your support, we really do appreciate it and you!

A lot of heads were chopped those days And that’s Trove for ya XD congratz, Francis Martini, you won the Immortal Meownt!!! Just catch Scythe or Joe(NintenJoeGamer) online, whisper/spam them, EVEN if they’re appearing offline and one of them will give you this prize.

Normally I can run this at a smooth 60. Only time I don’t is when I’m just loading into an area like the hub where there is a lot of people and particles loading at once. Not saying that this has always been the case. I used to run this on a 13 year old computer at 25 fps and it was always so laggy when it should’ve been running just fine.

I have a very strong computer , so I’m not really a help as I have trove on ultra at all time and none of these optimisations really speed up the game as it’s so fast already (not trying to brag, just saying what it’s like at my point of view).

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