The Meepyster im not scythe but dont. i regret it so much. it is an overused class. lancer is a reliable farming class. but if you really want to change go NN. it is better overall. My nn could solo u8 at 6k pr only.

Hats don’t have Physical DMG, faces do (and they have Physical DMG on third stat), I guess you’re talking about Critical DMG. BTW Critical Hit is only available for third stat on a bow or on gems and ring.

Hey, need some tips. Is it ok, that before reching 5k pr i use my gear with (2nd and 4th stats: attacks speed and crit dmg, and energy regen instead of crit dmg on bow), and after i will get 5k pr i will change my attack speed (which is 4th place on my gear) to any other stat (like mf or ms). And i also don’t know which bow is better before 5k pr – With AS and ER or with Crit Dmg and MS?

Scythe, do you think lunar lancer is better than shadow hunter. I have played with Shadow hunter but now when I tested Lunar lancer I feel like it is better than Shadow hunter even it is half the pr.

“I’ve got way too much MH” You only have 500k, thats not a lot at all. My “dps” gunslinger has over 3m hp, and I can’t get any better gems than these MH gems… And no, I’ve been stuck with the same gems for 3 months now, and I usually farm over 10m xp a week and still can’t get any better gems.

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