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Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content

For an instance, just imagine that you’re a live-streamer or a content creator streaming or creating videos about Trove: What kind of content can you use or show? Basically just grinding, unboxing, building, pvping. You have to agree, that may be interesting to you but not to some of your viewers. This is kind of unfair to the live-streamers and content creators: They’re having fun showing off Trove gameplay and interacting with the viewers, yet because there is a lack of content they can’t attract too many viewers.

Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content, something that players will never get bored of, and will look forward to. Something that constantly refreshes, something that is more addictive besides just grinding out dungeons, killing monsters over and over again.

I have a suggest...

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WHY TO PLAY TROVE! ✪ Scythe Plays Trove

Ah so thats why i am crashing alot, code not to snuff on multi thread processor issues? Followed Trion’s help from checking memory sticks to stopping unnecessary services, processes, programs to checking the harddrive integrity and also reinstalling Trove multiple times from scratch Glyph Installer included and placing the settings at the lowest possible oh yeah and increasing the memory page to the max. Nope still crashing continuously. But still love this game go figure.

Man i like your videos, i used to start trove without knowing anything, and, ending by getting lost in the game and i found your channel, watched all tutorials, watching most of your videos, and it’s funny, instructive and stuff, thanks for helping me through the game! By the way, my IGN is Nipplemaster, i know, weird n...

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A few seconds extra on a dungeon is statistically inconsequential

On the portal there is posted the suggested level for that world. Experience is capped based off your level. You can go into a portal 1 level range higher then your level and not get capped. With the introduction of gems it is easy to get a lot more PR then the level needed for a world. Not uncommon for a level 20 to have 2500+ PR or more and can get into U7 but be capped U6 levels. Now to get the better gem boxes it is best to go to the higher PR world you can get to and tag along and help the group, faster dungeon completion means more exp.

keep copy pasting that as much as you want, it’s not going to add anything to your point. And it doesn’t even answer the question in any way...

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Will gardening be expanded anytime soon

I would like to know if you plan to introduce a less obtrusive friend request and invite system… Currently when you add or inv someone it pops up and disrupts what ever your doing. When you are trying to grind, stream, or host an event… Or when you get a super rare Ganda… You get spammed with invites and new wanna be friends. Worst part is when you accidentally click join and get sucked away from your grind into that random ST…

Will gardening be expanded anytime soon? I’d love some more biome specific flowers the Neon City and other various biomes where unique grasses exist but we can’t make…...

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What does this mean for Trove as a free game

Why make changes? At the end of the day this is a big piece of the engine that keeps Trove going. We’ve been live long enough and collected enough data that we can start making some changes. The core word which I expect us to be held to here is value. No matter what you are spending on the game – time or money, we need to give you value and respect that investment. That never changes.

The other core idea is that this isn’t where we focus our energy as developers. Our primary goal as game developers is to make a great game. We want to align the business of Trove with the game of Trove as much as possible. Some of you guys here on the forums even called us out this month on how our focus seemed to be trending towards the Chaos Chest rewards and not gameplay focused rewards...

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Excellent Feedback from our customers in Runescape website

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Some questi...

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Trove – Useful Game Commands

Today we take a look at the useful game commands that you have access to while playing trove. These commands can do various things such as show addition information, player emotes and even change the graphics of the game to a secret retro mode.

Its nice I have just started play trove this week and that will be an useful commands to know for the future 🙂 and also I really want to know what is the outro music because I really like that song but can’t even remember the name of that song.

Thought I might say that in case someone might need to know. There’s also /help, which states all the commands. you can go and experiment with some of them, just don’t type /mf. (Seriously, don’t. You don’t want to know what happens. I’ll give you a hint: You have to restart your game afterward...

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Trove: With Millions of PC Players, PS4/Xbox One Getting This Colorful, Open-Ended Game

Free-to-play voxel game Trove is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall, publisher Trion Worlds announced today. The game launched for PC and Mac one year ago this month, and it has attracted more than 5 million players. Millions continues to play every month, and that success has opened the door to bring the game to console.

“It’s really exciting for us to see the development and community over this last year has made it worth supporting and going to additional platforms like PS4 and Xbox One,” executive producer Andrew Krausnick told GameSpot. “Being an action RPG, it’s really well-suited to the [console] control scheme, and it’s very drop in and play. You can play in a short session and get stuff done.”

Trove: With Millions of PC Players, PS4/Xbox One Getting This Colorful, Open-Ended Game

Krausnick also told GameSpot that Trion has “learned a lot” about console g...

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Trove Battleverse PvP Trailer

Trove’s PvP mode – the Battle Arena – has been in beta for a couple of weeks, but is now being unlocked for everyone. It’s a 5v5 game of Capture the Flag, with the emphasis actually being on doing that rather than amassing killstreaks. Each game lasts just five minutes, an idea influenced by games with universal appeal like Nintendo’s Splatoon. “They’re really quick [games], which we find helps reduce the sadness when you lose,” reveals Krausnick. “If you get really invested in a game and play for an hour, when you lose you’re really upset. But if you play five minutes it’s like candy: yeah you lost, but you’ll play another one.”

The Nintendo influences go further: character power-ups dotted around the arenas have a Mario Kart quality to them...

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