Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content

For an instance, just imagine that you’re a live-streamer or a content creator streaming or creating videos about Trove: What kind of content can you use or show? Basically just grinding, unboxing, building, pvping. You have to agree, that may be interesting to you but not to some of your viewers. This is kind of unfair to the live-streamers and content creators: They’re having fun showing off Trove gameplay and interacting with the viewers, yet because there is a lack of content they can’t attract too many viewers.

Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content, something that players will never get bored of, and will look forward to. Something that constantly refreshes, something that is more addictive besides just grinding out dungeons, killing monsters over and over again.

I have a suggest...

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WHY TO PLAY TROVE! ✪ Scythe Plays Trove

Ah so thats why i am crashing alot, code not to snuff on multi thread processor issues? Followed Trion’s help from checking memory sticks to stopping unnecessary services, processes, programs to checking the harddrive integrity and also reinstalling Trove multiple times from scratch Glyph Installer included and placing the settings at the lowest possible oh yeah and increasing the memory page to the max. Nope still crashing continuously. But still love this game go figure.

Man i like your videos, i used to start trove without knowing anything, and, ending by getting lost in the game and i found your channel, watched all tutorials, watching most of your videos, and it’s funny, instructive and stuff, thanks for helping me through the game! By the way, my IGN is Nipplemaster, i know, weird n...

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That gem swappers and contest snipers won’t exist anymore

Just making a quick post to share my opinion on these contests, and to present you lovely trovians with an idea that could turn the game into something more enjoyable.

Currently, the players with the best luck and the biggest wallets (only to an extend) are dominating the top spots of the class contests, meaning that nobody besides other players of the same caliber would be able to get their hands on those chaos coins. (and to an extend the dark vaults) This has to stop.

This is your chance to speak up about this issue, whether relevant to my idea or not, let our voices be heard!

The solution i thought about for this is changing the class contests to be based on xp gained with that class, regular xp multipliers like patron and saturday wouldn’t affect these boards, instead to still keep po...

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How to Increase Performance for Trove on Xbox One & PS4 – Hidden Performance Options

Do you know how to speak Spanish? Because I like your video but I do not understand anything I’m using a translator to write this the idea that you could give if you know how to speak in Spanish is to create a channel for Spanish speakers.

trove on console is already “complete” they just have to port the rest of the PC updates to console. like I said, the console release is meant for only console players, if you play on PC, don’t bother with console. console release is designed to draw in people who don’t use PC and only console game.

I’m lucky I’m guessing...

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Continue to release free class coins due to unexpected downtimes

Making all the classes P2P sounds ludicrous and any new player who picks a gunslinger, pirate captain , or neon ninja will surely end up leaving one time or another because they are so far outclassed compared to the new classes. Costumes being P2P is completely understandable, but limiting what a player can play sounds ridiculous. I would not want to be limited to just one character, then just to try another character i’d have to pay 10 dollars THEN find out I don’t like that one either-bad move. I can understand removing the old mounts, they are outdated and pale in comparison to other mounts.

I think lowering initial Cubits and Raising the cubit prices in the store would be fine, unless they’re going to be made so incredibly expensive you will only get one thing per month...

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Trove: The First Livestream

Explore, discover, and create in Trion’s latest passion project, Trove! Follow our devs as they take you on a journey through a limitless voxel universe and preview how your ideas will contribute to development earlier than ever before.

This game is like cubeworld but it seems a little better, thats only because Cube World is still needs to be finished because they have to add music, the story, new classes, etc.

ALL MMO’s are a rip from one another, and most of your games have things that were invented for players in illegal private wow servers. Many aspects of all games currently F2P took from the wow private server community including WoW, than later ripped by everyone else...

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Break the ice and start the conversations

Break the ice, start the conversations, get the people around you talking. Not sure what to talk about? Compliment people! I love complimenting people’s outfits/costumes/styles – players spend a surprising amount of time customizing their character to be just right. Regardless of how it looks to you, tell them you like it and it looks nice. Simply hearing that another player noticed and appreciated their appearance can make a person’s day, and they will be much more likely to be friendly to you and to other players as a result.

When you answer a question, do so with as much detail as you can...

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Skyrim theme in Trove

You must be joking… If not, you are mistaken. This is in the Trovian Maestros world, in my section, with the 60 other creations I’ve made. I do not steal other people’s work for my own personal gain.

im at this world at the moment and i found this song and used my mount all the way to listen to it and it was cool i enjoyed it im still on the track atm and looking their is millions of notes in this world like i looking and u can see notes as far as the eye can see and more hey add me im repelt on the game .

I am not part of the club but I have access to the music because there’s a portal there at hit team’s club world, so a special thanks to you for building the music and also to badcopy for making hit team and placin the portal in his club!

Man it sounds okay and I’m guessing it took a lo...

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A few seconds extra on a dungeon is statistically inconsequential

On the portal there is posted the suggested level for that world. Experience is capped based off your level. You can go into a portal 1 level range higher then your level and not get capped. With the introduction of gems it is easy to get a lot more PR then the level needed for a world. Not uncommon for a level 20 to have 2500+ PR or more and can get into U7 but be capped U6 levels. Now to get the better gem boxes it is best to go to the higher PR world you can get to and tag along and help the group, faster dungeon completion means more exp.

keep copy pasting that as much as you want, it’s not going to add anything to your point. And it doesn’t even answer the question in any way...

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[Trove] Neon Ninja Speed Farming Tips! Mantle of Power

If you have over 1k crit damage it should be fine. The reason you need crit damage so badly is to 1 shot 3 star bosses. It is much faster to 1 shot a 3 star boss then to build your shurikens less than a second faster with attack speed.

In 1k hours of strictly Neon Ninja I would say about 1hr of that time was spent using my wings from not being able to find land. If I were to have to 3 shot 3 star bosses during that 1k hours without martial, that is about 4sec extra each boss. let’s say 30-40% of my dungeons were 3 star bosses and we only count the 3 star boss and not the 2 1 stars. That would be about 90 hours(9%) I would need over 1k hours. I would say not worth.

it’s a little late i know but i thought if it wouldnt be much better to use berserker cause you always get a movementspeed boo...

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