MAX LEVEL 50 PVP WAR PLANE GET! ✪ Scythe Plays Trove

In my opinion, I think the character design team jumped the gun on his release; just look at the way the biomes are being handled. The dino tamer seems like it’s trying to do too much, and doesn’t fit into a role like the other classes do. Sure, the class has a TON of burst with the ult, and we’ve seen from the other class gem that he is, more than likely, going to fall into the DPS category, but where will he be if they nerf the net?

Other than the snare, and odd RNG of his dinosaurs, what does this class bring to the table? Plenty of classes have snares, and they all bring something more to a group setting. I feel that the developers wanted to make this class unique, you can see that in the way his kit works, but it’s like Scythe says, “This is all he is—” dungeon farming. I hope they do more than just nerf his net and buff the dinos because the idea of the class is really cool.

If they reworked his skills just a little you could have a jack of all trades class that fills the gaps in groups if something happens while still remaining a strong choice for DPS.

I have a ton of respect for the developers on the Trove team, they are extremely talented, but I stand by my thoughts that this class was released too early. The idea is there, but it’s not fully fleshed out; even if it only needs a little polish. I also have to add that my opinion is based solely on observations I’ve made through YouTube, and other players in-game as I don’t have the class yet— hint hint.

Best way to balance this guy is to just basically scale down his damage a bit, let his other Dino do more work where you can throw out like all of the Dino and when you do you get a bonus boost to damage and damage reduction (last like 3 second or less) Then all his Dino will get the special bonus where one stunts one pull and one slow or snare. this sill make that Dino do not look like much of the necromancer (idk what the other one is), but also have the ability to just be his own unique.

Since your gaming name is scytheplays; i bet before you started gaming, your name was scythe wants to play. So after 50 years; you should change your your name to scythe still plays.


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