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Kim "kkOma" Jyung-gyun has coached SK Telecom T1 for just under four years, and while the wins keep on coming, he told The Rift Herald's Ryan Gilliam that the job isn't getting any easier.

“It’s really tough playing with a team that has such high expectations from the fans,” kkOma told Gilliam after SKT’s quarterfinal win Friday. “Even though in 2014, we had a rough year, we didn’t make it to Worlds, we still won that year in LCK, still we received a lot of criticism. Even now the fans are expecting more from SKT and, at some point, it is a given that SKT has to win. And so I think it is a really, really… it’s a difficult job as the coach of SKT.”

SKT is now just two wins away from their third Summoner’s Cup, but kkOma isn’t taking it easy yet. Not only are expectations high, but with just one month between LCK and Worlds, and so much more preparation to do for each match, he’s feeling the time crunch.

Despite the effort, kkOma said he’s still happier doing preparation than talking his players through a game.

“I don’t think it would actually make much of a difference, because at that point, when you are actually playing the game, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between the players’ perspective and my perspective,” he said. “Even though I might give some orders, it would be very similar to what is already going into the players mind. I think what is more important is the preparation process.

“As a coach I can give them deep breaths and fix their mistakes,” he added. But, by the time the players are actually in the game, “they should know what to do, and having the coach in that communication process wouldn’t make much of a difference.”

Of course, kkOma has something much more important is weighing on his mind than who they’ll face next. If his team wins their third World Championship, they’ll be getting their third set of SKT champion skins — and he has some idea of what he’d like for a coach skin, should Riot give him the honor.

“I always wanted this as a coach and my Summoner’s name is kkOma, which means a little kid in Korean,” kkOma said. “So I would like a kkOma Teemo, a little Teemo. Recently you know how they plan to have revenue share of all the World Championship skins? Aside the money, I just want my own skin.”

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