One isn’t necessarily better than the other in simple terms. The equation for damage is PD*(1+CH*CD). The more physical damage you have, the less it weighs. You can have 120k PD and only 400% CD and someone with 90k PD and 1000% CD will have much much higher dps. Hope this helps.

I have no idea what to say int his poetic response but I CAN say congratz, max Goodall, you won the Regular Centaur!!! Just catch Scythe online, whisper/spam him EVEN if he’s appearing offline and he’ll give you this prize!!! Enjoy!

Not always. 120k raw with, say 400-500 crit won’t do as much as 90k with 1000 crit. Likewise, 60k raw and 1200 crit would be doing worse. You want a balance, as stacking more of one gradually makes less impact than stacking both.

All three. The only reason Scythe gets more out of raw than crit is because he has way more crit than raw, so raw is more effective. You want a balance.

It still is. If you get way more raw than crit, you’ll do less than getting both. You need a balance. ex: 100k raw with 400 crit will do way less than 80k with 1000 crit.

Not always. Scythe has low pd for his pr, but normal crit damage. He gets more out of raw because his stats are imbalanced. You want a balance.

Awesome ball is an old item before u could get it in chaos chest here’s the story so in 2015 the awesome ball was introduced in trove and u could buy it for 5k cubits I think and the. classes were all for 5k or 7.5k cubits before pay to win so new players. now will have a hard time playing trove IGN :Xavier192

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