If trove had “real” titan bosses!! ✪ Scythe Plays Trove PC

Today in Trove PC, we’ll show off some new Mini Game / PVP arenas in Team Pixel before heading to U9 on our Neon Ninja Rage Speed Build (the fastest way to farm in the game) before heading to Varros, one of the most epic club worlds in Trove.Trove is a free to play open-world voxel MMORPG with random generated biomes featuring player created dungeons and content. Mounts, Dragons and much more was lovingly created by the community and added to the game!

how about this, when Dev remove dotm and put other boss maybe dev will make dotm into a class, like dotm finally realized that her doing was wrong, so she join in our team to help fight the darkness in trove XD.

My favourite club world is Lordfafy’s club world (Sry that it’s not yours scythe XD). I feel like that club not only looks absolutely stunning, but it also has a great community around it that are very friendly and nice. I’m sorry that your club isn’t my favourite scythe but it’s definitely a close second to lardfafy’s world. I hope you read my message.

congrats on winning a Streamer Dream Box! I completely agree, and not just because it’s my club by any means, I personally don’t like massive club worlds with a bunch of empty space. Varros is an exception because the builds take them 50 years. Google Translate is a great club too, check them out if you haven’t!

My favorite club I’d Team pixel. 1. We have two very popular Trove YT. (Scythe and Nintendo Joe) 2. Supah active. 3. Friendly 4. Very helpful to anyone 5. Design like seriously, how long did it take to create the PC club world?

I can’t enter the giveaway cause I’m on xbox but an amazing club world is trove lfg it’s made by 2 people but the hub area is amazing it’s got all portals and the map looks cool it’s like rings luckily I’m part of it.


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