How to Increase Performance for Trove on Xbox One & PS4 – Hidden Performance Options

Do you know how to speak Spanish? Because I like your video but I do not understand anything I’m using a translator to write this the idea that you could give if you know how to speak in Spanish is to create a channel for Spanish speakers.

trove on console is already “complete” they just have to port the rest of the PC updates to console. like I said, the console release is meant for only console players, if you play on PC, don’t bother with console. console release is designed to draw in people who don’t use PC and only console game.

I’m lucky I’m guessing. my second day on the game on xbox one I found some big players that ran me threw the daughter of the moon tower and the first lunar cache I got was only 4500 Flux and then the second tower I did and second cache I opened I got Dimond dragon egg.

I think even without the ssao settings the game looks nice. I kinda enjoy the shadow shade. Its all personal taste. I think the ability to quick switch with maybe a check box in the options would be nice. I know many of players who prefer otherwise.

i had mine the same way on pc and it was better. not sure why they insist on forcing things on us. we are the ones that play it, not them…soz for caps btw but my argument stands.

scythe is there a command that makes the game less jolty like when you go up a block and the screen jolts up or down if there is please let me know it causes some serious motion sickness.

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