I personally disagree with simon since he said buy dragon coins with cubits i mean every hour there will be a challenge which will give you 1 coin each and the first time of the day your gonna get 5 more coins for the daily bonus so everyday you can make atleast 10 coins while you will spend 1400 cubits to get the 10 coins.

There is a flask where it is only activated by using ultimate.And you would have the emblem to cool down your skills and recover your energy.All the tomb raiser have to do is activate 1 then spam ultimate.I saw this before,I am not sure will it work now?I don’t have the flux to test it myself.

That’s exactly what I was hinting at in the video. Unfortunately in the past, when I would do a video on these types of things, the devs would take notice and patch / nerf it. I’m careful with things like the tomb raiser because I don’t know if it’s intended and if the devs would change it, the class would become useless.

Actually you’re wrong with the revenant. There’s a very strange build you can do with him that gets him close to Shadow Hunter damage. You’ll be relying on shield bash and using your 1 ability to “die” to get your wraith. Attack speed is useful so you can heal more with the right emblems.

I’m trying to decide if I want to use my GS or SH. I just got the class gem for both so im using them both till i decided which i like better. this vid helped me at least build them properly.

I’m actually doing something unconventional. I’m going to build my chloro as a SUPPORT. Soothing rain and energizing emblem would be the emblems, and I’ll figure out what flask I’ll use. It’s basically going to be a damage dealer, with the ability to successfully support allies. I essentially NEED other people to be with me for the class to work the way I want it to.

i say the best way to play chloro is damage dealer with attack speed because of the insane DPS of the chloro can do pretty well against st’s and the attack speed means faster healing which is essential to your teams survival.

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