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In-depth trove guide / tutorial for beginners on xbox one & PS4 consoles

Is Trove on Consoles better than PC? Today we’ll start a new file and Let’s Play series of Trove on the Xbox One Console Version! In this video, I’ll talk about the difference between Trove on PC and Xbox One / PS4, explain How to Play Trove and How Trove Works for new players & beginners.

When I first started playing my RT and LT were broken so I couldn’t attack in the tutorial so I tried getting the first enemy to fall off the edge but he got stuck in the ground and I had to reinstall the game.

I am thinking that they made all classes credits for the beta. You can choose the one you want at the start then you get another class coin to choose whatever other one you want. I hope they remove credits and let you buy with cubits for atleast some of the other classes after beta.

The clan is l...

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Emblems getting patched!! ✪ Scythe plays Trove on PS4

They shouldn’t be too hard to get and anyway if they do get patched then you just have to be more careful, I’m going to get surestrike tomorrow and then I will work on the arcane emblems and martial emblems.

i’m from Germany and i play Trove since 2 weeks or little bit more im on level 20 my mastery level is 24 and my class is Revenant.On ps4 so how u get mastery lvl 39 and so much power rank.

Trove try crafting a lot and doing a lot more than dungeon grinding. I was really into getting steed feed and making rings so doing things like that will get you higher up. My pirate captain is level 23 but mastery is 41 just from doing random things, mining, getting dragons, etc

tomb raiser on ps4 is glitched because i an only spawn 1 little skeleton (idk the name for the name for them) or 2 and th...

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Fishing only takes one key

Fishing only takes one key. By press B your inventory will open and your camera wont change its angle while fishing. And then the only key you need is “F” (by default) to throw out your pole or pull it back in when you catch a fish. This means that you can easy fish while watching a movie; but still listening careful to trove to hear when you hook a fish.

Yes it is, using 3rd party software to do something for you is called laziness. And it shouldn’t be boring to fish, whenever I fish I chat to people in clubs, which is fun sometimes, and if you do get bored, you should probably consider alternating between actions, such as go out adventuring or just simply go out and build something.

I do not think you understand the purpose of this thread...

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Chaos Chest Farming Guide! How to Farm Untradable Chaos Chest In Trove

Power rank doesnt really kick in until you reach around level 25. My tip is to keep replacing your gems with higher PR and not worry about the stats until 10k PR. The absolute most important items that will give you PR are empowered gems which you can get from weekly contests and killing daughter of the moon. A level 1 empowered gem will give you 500-700 PR alone and you can have 3 by level 25. These you want to upgrade.

Would this be the fastest way to get 30-day Patron Passes? I got really disheartened by chaos chests no longer being farmable, I can’t see myself getting patron by actually purchasing it with money.

I think you shouldn’t put the flux price on the chaos chests because they are untradable and the tradable chaos chest price is not stable and you made that flux in total by ad...

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How to Increase Performance for Trove on Xbox One & PS4 – Hidden Performance Options

Do you know how to speak Spanish? Because I like your video but I do not understand anything I’m using a translator to write this the idea that you could give if you know how to speak in Spanish is to create a channel for Spanish speakers.

trove on console is already “complete” they just have to port the rest of the PC updates to console. like I said, the console release is meant for only console players, if you play on PC, don’t bother with console. console release is designed to draw in people who don’t use PC and only console game.

I’m lucky I’m guessing...

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Break the ice and start the conversations

Break the ice, start the conversations, get the people around you talking. Not sure what to talk about? Compliment people! I love complimenting people’s outfits/costumes/styles – players spend a surprising amount of time customizing their character to be just right. Regardless of how it looks to you, tell them you like it and it looks nice. Simply hearing that another player noticed and appreciated their appearance can make a person’s day, and they will be much more likely to be friendly to you and to other players as a result.

When you answer a question, do so with as much detail as you can...

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Trove: would have to add A LOT of stuff to the ToW table to make flux attractive


Personally I do hope you can still trade the loot inside the chaos chests, it definitely doesn’t make sense if it screws you over for already owning an item since it makes it much harder to get just that newer item if you can’t recoup the costs and get poor RNG. There are more questions on how it works out, but while people can be bummed out at having another thing non-tradeable, I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad, especially compared to some other stuff.

Lets not forget that being able to buy credits means you can still buy chaos chests ontop of gem booster boxes, boosters including ninth lives (albeit they’re expensive), and finally anything that is more limited. I’m not sure if I heard that you’ll be able to buy packs this way, possibly not which is kind of lame, but meh.

For what it...

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Trove – Useful Game Commands

Today we take a look at the useful game commands that you have access to while playing trove. These commands can do various things such as show addition information, player emotes and even change the graphics of the game to a secret retro mode.

Its nice I have just started play trove this week and that will be an useful commands to know for the future 🙂 and also I really want to know what is the outro music because I really like that song but can’t even remember the name of that song.

Thought I might say that in case someone might need to know. There’s also /help, which states all the commands. you can go and experiment with some of them, just don’t type /mf. (Seriously, don’t. You don’t want to know what happens. I’ll give you a hint: You have to restart your game afterward...

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Something about accepting random friends requests in Trove

I’m a friendly guy, enjoying the game, chilling around, I never begged for a single item in the game, I’ve spent a good amount of IRL money on it because I enjoy it.
However it seems like a big part of the community especially high PR, 300+ mastery or purple ones are really ignorant. They tend to be rude or have this “I’M GOD” attitude, I’ve noticed for example they ask for people for a run and then they don’t even bother reply back. I’ve had people dumping me over someone else just because a bit higher PR or whatever reason there was (?). I am in few clubs and as in every MMO I’m constantly looking the chat and noticing what’s going on...

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troveshop | Watch Sunday Funday Live: Revelation Online

troveshop | Watch Sunday Funday Live: Revelation Online

On this Sunday Funday, the crew is tackling Revelation Online—a bit of a repeat of yesterday’s stream if you tuned in. We’ll be rolling through content level 25 and up and decide if the hype-train will keep chugging or go off-course like the Montparnasse derailment.


When: That depends on where you live:

If you can’t make it you can always watch on the YouTube channel once its uploaded.

Watch live video from mmosdotcom on

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