Gems are far too random

The gem system is extremely bad. The amount of RNG involved in stats, as well as upgrading is insane. I don’t understand why we don’t have a gem crafting bench that either let’s us build our own gems, or let’s us reroll stats on the gems like we can on gear. Gems account for a huge portion of our PR, and we have no control over them. Even upgrading gems is vague, and feels a bit pay to win to a degree. I hope the devs listen and tweak the system.

The game was and is a money making venture. They took two good concepts for gameplay and fused them into a fun and semi unique game, which I love! I dislike the fact that they named the game after the most successful (and frustrating) monetisation mechanic of any free to play game, namely random loot boxes… but I guess they are not doing this for fun are they.

Cons – wow gems for sure. Grinding the same dungeons for hours for 50 to 100 pr is maddening. Also, it’s horrible to only get a few emp gem boxes per WEEK. Don’t get what you want? TOO BAD, next week. Power curve is nuts too. Difference between uber 7 to uber 8 is nuts. Can’t find a group? Tough. GEMS, AGAIN. Most of our power comes from them, but can’t re-roll. Little gems are fine that way because i find it fun searching for the perfect small gem, but the empowered gems are a nightmare. I truly hope this changes.

The reason vfx aren’t added with the mods is because some vfx put alot of strain on the game engine and would make the game laggy. For instance, my chloromancer mod has custom vfx but because they aren’t optimized well the game nearly freezes when I throw any plants out. I believe that Junebug said they would probably add recolors for some in game effects so some mods won’t look completely out of place. Besides it’s been that way for a while, except instead of flat out rejecting vfx they only accepted them if they didn’t put a strain on the game, it helps them accept mods faster as well. So this is a problem but I’m not sure it’s something the devs can fix, besides the whole point of modding is meant to be for fun so you can make an awesome mod, it doesn’t matter if it gets accepted, personally getting a mod accepted felt lackluster for me, the community support is what kept me going.

Also the RNG with Gems is pure madness, you can farm normal gems, so im okay with that although with some i just did not went lucky i openeed thousand of boxes without getting a 2-star stellar gem that i wanted, but still i have the feeling i can do something about it -> grind more. But the same RNG with Emp Gems is plain stupid, you get lucky you get higher pr (same with ddes) and for class contest you kinda need both if you go for the top rewards, so basically lucky people get rewarded and there is nothing you can do, you cant farm emp gem boxes.

We don’t tend to play on our dev accounts except during streams. Trust me, the green name draws a lot of attention. We just aren’t able to play the game as normal players on GM characters. We play on what we call “play accounts.” They are personal accounts with no GM powers. This is how we experience the game as every player does. We run Shadow Towers, team up with players to farm stuff, help out when needed, all from the privacy of a standard white name.

I started playing sometime during February 2016. If any of you are familiar with Verlis, I started playing when he got his Ganda. I enjoyed playing this game at first. When i started playing, there was a clear goal and a clear path to it, get all the classes to max PR and get all the things. That’s what I liked. Once Mantle of Power rolled around, I was excited at first. Gems sounded like a cool concept at the time, and for the first part of MOP, I enjoyed it. However, as the months went on, the goal of getting max PR on all classes was still there, but now the path to it has become impossible. There are several things I’m sick of.

Gems are far too random. The stat boosts a gem provides are helpful, but gems have become an aggrivating hassle for many players, including myself. For something that the game focuses heavily on, the player has very little control over it. Gems are either “you get what you want” or “sucks to be you, decon it and try again.” There is no middle ground, and there are so many ways a gem can go wrong. First, the PR of a gem could immediately make it useless. If a gem doesn’t have 2 stars, it’s worthless, and even then, if it’s below 500 PR, many players won’t even consider socketing it. Also, if the stats on a gem are wrong, it loses its value. You could put it on a class you don’t main, I guess, but it’s not something to keep long term. If that’s where the value of gems is, then rerolling the stats on a gem would help immensly, but there’s not even an ability to do that, which is frustrating. This is why I say the path to max PR is impossible.


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