Fishing only takes one key

Fishing only takes one key. By press B your inventory will open and your camera wont change its angle while fishing. And then the only key you need is “F” (by default) to throw out your pole or pull it back in when you catch a fish. This means that you can easy fish while watching a movie; but still listening careful to trove to hear when you hook a fish.

I noticed you can’t walk in trove trough teamviewer on your phone; unless your “moving” buttons aren’t the “arrow” buttons. So make sure you’re already on spot when you start fishing. Or change your controlkeys to letters you don’t already use for other things.

Maybe just maybe, if the devs make fishing more rely on skill than grinding then MAYBE we shouldn’t botting. The whole point if fishing mechanic is to sit on your butt for hours pressing 1 button every 20-30 seconds… also the only things matter is how long you fishing not how you fishing. This is a MMO and it should learn from other MMO about fishing, unless you make it more challenging or just making it completely time usage (botting).

Yes it is, using 3rd party software to do something for you is called laziness. And it shouldn’t be boring to fish, whenever I fish I chat to people in clubs, which is fun sometimes, and if you do get bored, you should probably consider alternating between actions, such as go out adventuring or just simply go out and build something.

I do not think you understand the purpose of this thread. The OP is not suggesting a way to automate fishing using third party programs, the OP is talking about a way to viably fish while away from keyboard, due to the need for only one button press. It is not automated, and the player still presses F to fish, except by pressing buttons on a smartphone instead of a keyboard.

on-topic; I really doubt anyone enjoys fishing(unless it is a group fishhunt) and it’s likely those that don’t enjoy it(and realize that it is too plain compared to the other features of Trove) are going to want to do something useful(even if slightly) while doing their fishing.

What’s the deal, either way you’re pressing a key to do it, actually being in game doesn’t take any more effort. Personally I have 2 monitors and have read things on my 2nd monitor and stuff or crafted in another game. If I need to spend hours fishing, I better at least be able to be somewhat productive.

Remote fishing (fishing manually, but not sitting at your computer staring at Trove, pressing F) would be legal in this sense. It’s not reading or writing to the game. You’re listening to a sound and manually inputting, whether you be using teamviewer, using an autohotkey script that sends F to Trove when you hit a button, or building a robot that hits F for you when you hit a button on a remote control.

Anyone tried to play without relying on “third parties”? Honestly this game gives for everything … after all you use what you use ends up being something legal, just look a little you will realize that I am right. Use a robot, nippy, multiaccounts, autoclicker, whatever you want, no matter how much you report something they do nothing, but it is always better to play with your own hands and eyes, and of course your own brain.


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