Continue to release free class coins due to unexpected downtimes

Making all the classes P2P sounds ludicrous and any new player who picks a gunslinger, pirate captain , or neon ninja will surely end up leaving one time or another because they are so far outclassed compared to the new classes. Costumes being P2P is completely understandable, but limiting what a player can play sounds ridiculous. I would not want to be limited to just one character, then just to try another character i’d have to pay 10 dollars THEN find out I don’t like that one either-bad move. I can understand removing the old mounts, they are outdated and pale in comparison to other mounts.

I think lowering initial Cubits and Raising the cubit prices in the store would be fine, unless they’re going to be made so incredibly expensive you will only get one thing per month. That is stupid considering not everyone plays Trove every single day, you might as well get rid of cubits if you plan on making the cubit prices skyrocket. You backed up making classes P2P by saying you can buy them in game- but new-mid level players will have to invest EVERYTHING they have one just one single coin. You need to keep in mind that they also need to constantly upgrade their armor, which takes flux. Class coins on the market place are more aimed at end-game characters or those who were lucky enough to fetch a 100k + mount.

The changing of patron I do not mind one bit, it will probably make it more of an eyecandy than it is. Overrall, some of these changes are good, while the others just scream “greedy”- I really do not want to see Trove become one of those games where they milk their players of everything they have, and thats sadly where it seems to be going with this “update”. Saying you are “giving us value” by removing/limiting our ability to use cubits and other classes sounds like an excuse.

We are going of what we are given and what is given is not very good to hear. There is also no if in your statement and as any player who has touched or looked at the pts we all know the changes there always go through despite what the players try to prevent. Saying it is going to pts is a death sentence for our hopes for Trove, it is as simple as that.

You guys obviously need an income to continue your work, and it seems this decision comes with the reality that you are going to be heavily focusing on improving classes continually as apposed to doing one and for the most part never touching it again, and then moving onto the next.. like dominoes. But this is honestly a shock as it changes the feeling of how people progress in your game dramatically (classes are the only thing that add a dramatic change in gameplay, a lot of people could care less of collecting mounts or costumes).

Hopefully you continue to release free class coins due to unexpected downtimes like you have in the past, for people that want to continue playing the game but are not going to spend money, and don’t really focus on the economy at all (like me, all my flux goes to building materials and heart-a-phones now, and due to personal issues I have chosen to try and not spend any more money, almost a thousand dollars is enough lol).

No offense Averem as you have explained it seeing the changes to class acquisition on pts isn’t going to suddenly make everyone, and I do mean everyone here getting upset about it suddenly go ‘Oh, that iss ok, we thought it was like x.’ If you think were not understanding explain it tomorrow, or better yet show it tomorrow, I’m sure those in chat will be more than happy to let you know if they still don’t like this proposed change, and that is what I hope it is cause if this is the future I’m probably gonna stop playing after the next two classes. The reason is that accounts for all the class coins left I have, and though I’ve spent money in game that is normally far between due to me only having excess income a few times a year.

I guess this a Trion thing though considering the cost of classes in Rift come in like $20 packs. It’s just weird to see Trove do it. Nearly everything was available to earn with in game currency, but that seems to be fading. I feel like there can be a better way to go about this especially since there are people who dropped hundreds to thousands of dollars into the game and even they are getting the paywall.

I’m just trying to look at this from a new player perspective. There are people who can afford to spend a little money on a class coin and people who can pay for a class coin with flux, (which is already heading towards 1million flux and will probably increase) certainly does not apply to most Trove players. I can see this driving many people away new and old players.

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