Console Updates & Trove’s Next Expansion! Trove News

This week, Trion announced updates for PS4 and Xbox One including details on the official launch for consoles and the next big expansion for Trove that includes Shadow Tower updates, power rank updates, and ringcrafting updates!

Was there any talk about a reworking of the way we level up gems? I’m mainly talking about the “Fail to Upgrade” system, and how it goes up to what seems like a 98%+ chance to fail to upgrade until the Karma bar is full on high quality gems.

they need to improve or fix the gem system to be honest. i think they are abusing the cash shop because gems fail and break to much. I dont like to much how gear in a sense doesnt matter because most of your power rank comes from gems and gems seem to be extremely random. dont get me wrong im a newbie on xbox. recently got to lv30 and having fun.

Just to tell you guys the game is not going to be a new game the game is just going to get out of beta version and all the updates will happen you will keep all of your stuff and nothing will change the game will just get a lot of updates and the game will get out of beta and go into full game mode!

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