Chaos Chest Farming Guide! How to Farm Untradable Chaos Chest In Trove

Power rank doesnt really kick in until you reach around level 25. My tip is to keep replacing your gems with higher PR and not worry about the stats until 10k PR. The absolute most important items that will give you PR are empowered gems which you can get from weekly contests and killing daughter of the moon. A level 1 empowered gem will give you 500-700 PR alone and you can have 3 by level 25. These you want to upgrade.

Would this be the fastest way to get 30-day Patron Passes? I got really disheartened by chaos chests no longer being farmable, I can’t see myself getting patron by actually purchasing it with money.

I think you shouldn’t put the flux price on the chaos chests because they are untradable and the tradable chaos chest price is not stable and you made that flux in total by adding the chaos chests if they were tradable ? or what ? cause i don’t understant how 3 untradable chaos chests can get you 63k flux. Please respond i want to know clearly what’s happening with this new system.

You can still buy chaos chest with flux using credit pouches. You need to equate the flux value of the chests to know if it worth actually farming them. If credit pouches were 40k each, then 3 chaos chest would only be worth 24k and it would no longer be worth farming them because you could farm the flux faster from radiant shards and just buy the chaos chests with credits.


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