CALL OF CTHULHU!! Let’s Play Multiplayer Gameplay

I hope you enjoy my Trove Let’s Play, Trove Playthrough, Trove Walkthrough, Trove Gameplay.
✍ Trove is a F2P (Free-to-Play) Voxel MMO RPG adventure with tight controls and a great community! Trove isn’t just Minecraft Online, it’s more like Cube World and what it promised to become. Trove includes random generated worlds, an open-world map to explore, quests and an action battle system making it one of my all-time favorite online games!

You should have to give stuff away for likes. Fans who actually care about you and your channel growth will like the video anyway, although it is nice you offer things for simply liking and commenting. Sorry I haven’t been active, I’ve been busy and Trove isn’t my #1 game anymore.

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