Break the ice and start the conversations

Break the ice, start the conversations, get the people around you talking. Not sure what to talk about? Compliment people! I love complimenting people’s outfits/costumes/styles – players spend a surprising amount of time customizing their character to be just right. Regardless of how it looks to you, tell them you like it and it looks nice. Simply hearing that another player noticed and appreciated their appearance can make a person’s day, and they will be much more likely to be friendly to you and to other players as a result.

When you answer a question, do so with as much detail as you can. When you look for a Shadow Arena team, tell them exactly what you want and what you have to offer (The classes you want to use, your levels, the keys you plan to contribute, the uber level you want to run, and if you want a rotation or not.) When you are trading, state exactly what you are buying/selling, and exactly what you want for it. Clear communications prevents the vast majority of misunderstandings, and this in turn gets rid of the vast majority of conflicts or negative experiences you may face.

Don’t go about deceiving your peers, trying to gain advantages at the expense of others, or looking out only for yourself. Even if you were mistreated all your life in MMOs, that is all the more reason to behave with integrity and honesty. Foster a positive community so that you can save others from suffering negative and dishonest environments themselves. If a Trovian cannot trust his fellow Trovians, then the community will quickly become disconnected and broken.

If a player has been scammed, is confused/frustrated, or having a bad day, empathize with them. We have all had similar experiences, so try to help them. Don’t laugh at them, or insult them, or give them grief. Tell them you are sorry for their situation, offer some consolation, and try to help them through it. Be the strong and caring supporting character that you wish you had in your times of need.

Don’t let these players get to you. Ignore them, and don’t feed them. They will starve and look elsewhere for “food”. If you stoop to the level of these players by letting them upset you, or arguing with them, you only give them incentive to stay in Trove and you only validate their negative actions. Starve them and they will go away.

I definitely like the idea of more large-scale events that bring players together – Pinatas are fun, but they can only go so far! Fashion contests of sorts would really give all of the aesthetic lovers something to look forward to, perhaps some clubs can organize games like that with some prizes for the most popular outfits! Your Flightless Sky Realm run sounds like a lot of fun as well, if you ever have another one I’d love to join in and give it a try haha, it sounds like quite a challenge that takes some creative thinking!

I once attended a scavenger hunt like that in a Club World when I was still fairly new to Trove. I am terrible at Scavenger Hunts, so I basically just ran around mindlessly getting lost miles away from the other participants in this massive world and enjoying all the monumental structures and buildings. I have no idea which club I visited, but it definitely left a good early memory for me haha!

Thanks for this amazing guide, Aethonus. Ever since I have started my journey playing Trove, I have strived to be the most compassionate, considerate, and friendly Trovian. In my mind, people who don’t follow the simple rules, are very inconsiderate to others and deconstruct their tower. So if this has happened in scenarios like, scamming, bad language, advertising, ETC. I try and to my best to ignore the player and rebuild them. I have heard of many cases of scamming, and try to prevent it from happening. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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