Big Trove update idea for this year

This is a suggested improvement for the gear system to also help people feel less of a need to grind U6


I think woodcutting would fit well in Trove and we need more things to do after all – simple idea, lasering trees gives wood which can be used to build and upgrade things. Lasering the core of a tree can give increased chance to find wood. Maybe we could have different type of wood for different biomes?

Mining Update?

I think we need more ore. Formacite can stay as the building ore, Shapestone would be used in upgrading gear at low levels and infinium can be used to upgrade gear at high levels. Also would be nice if each biome had their own ore. There would also be a super rare ore that can only be mined by one person (basically the equivalent of the rare drops you get from adventuring).

[Primal flames, Glacial shards, somber souls and golden souls can each belong to dragonfire, permafrost, undead, radiant zones.]

Gear Upgrading Update?

Upgrading gear will now cost a mixture of trove flux, wood and ore… At first low level gear will cost mostly wood, then it will slowly require more flux and shapestone and after shadow level 4 or so shapestone is no longer used and you require infinium, wood and flux. Upgrading it to radiant will cost a lot of flux, wood and one super rare ore. Once you upgrade it to radiant you can then choose the path of your equipment.

Equipment paths?

When you get an item to radiant you can change your affinity to a certain biome by combining your item with some biome specific ore and biome specific wood (and some flux?). Having items with an affinity towards a certain biome can give boosts while wearing that equipment in the particular biome. You can change the affinity at any time for the cost of ore/wood from a different biome.

Forged souls?

These will be removed and dismantling a high level item now gives 100% of the flux that would have been required to make it. Forged cores can also be dismantled if people still have them.

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